Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1552 - Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (2)

Chapter 1552: Forbidden Area in the Back Mountain (2)

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Not giving him a chance to speak, Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to Xuan Yuan. “Take me to the forbidden area in the back mountain.”

Xuan Yuan paused and subconsciously looked up at First Elder.

In his questioning eyes, First Elder sighed and waved helplessly, “Go ahead.”

“First Elder!” The queen turned pale, “The forbidden area is too dangerous. Anyone who goes there will die. How can you allow her to enter there?”

Of course, the queen said this not because she was worried about Yun Luofeng. In fact, she hoped Yun Luofeng would die as soon as possible! But from what she knew of Xuan Yuan, if First Elder agreed, he would surely take Yun Luofeng to the forbidden area in the back mountain himself.


Even though she hated Yun Luofeng’s guts, she still didn’t want First Elder to agree to her request.

Xuan Yuan was a little impatient, “First Elder has agreed. Why are you making a fuss?”

The queen stiffened and slightly lowered her head. She looked aggrieved and bit her lips tightly.

After quite a while, Yun Luofeng’s languid voice resounded.

“I’ll go to the forbidden area alone. You just need to show me the way.”

Xuan Yuan paused and said worriedly, “Miss Yun, the forbidden area is too dangerous. If you go there alone, I’ll be worried.”

Yun Luofeng helped him and found out the murderer of his beloved woman. How could he sit by and watch her going to the dangerous place alone?

“You can’t help me and will only hold me back,” Yun Luofeng said flatly, “so I’m going there alone.”

Both First Elder and the queen were relieved to hear her words. Neither of them wanted Xuan Yuan to be involved in this matter. Otherwise, it was quite troublesome to select another king…

“Miss Yun, I’ll send a guard to escort you to the forbidden area.” First Elder smiled and said politely, his tone not as harsh as just now.

Yun Luofeng didn’t answer him. To be honest, she didn’t like people here except Xuan Yuan…

As for the adventure to the forbidden area in the back mountain, she did it for herself…

When the guard left with Yun Luofeng, First Elder withdrew his gaze, turned to Xuan Yuan and said solemnly, “Your Majesty, come with me.”

Xuan Yuan nodded and followed him into the Council of Elders. At this moment, no one noticed that the queen, who was standing by Xuan Yuan just now, had disappeared…

In the Council of Elders, all the elders were standing quietly and solemnly. Xuan Yuan was a little apprehensive and wondered what would happen. First Elder and the other elders looked at each other, and looked at Xuan Yuan and sighed, “Your Majesty, we’ve been hiding something from you, which is the last words of our ancestor.”

“Last words?” Xuan Yuan, stunned, asked,” what are they?”

First Elder pondered for a while. “Our ancestor’s last words are that whoever leads us to leave this place is a god-sent savior who came to save us. That’s why I kept asking you to hold gods in awe and veneration over the years!”

“First Elder, you mean…” Xuan Yuan looked up at First Elder in astonishment, “if Yun Luofeng really finds a way out from the forbidden area, she is the one the gods sent to save our country?”

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