Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1550 - Expose Her True Colors (4)

Chapter 1550: Expose Her True Colors (4)

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He must cut this woman into pieces to avenge her!

Lin Youyu sneered, “Queen, do you think you can safeguard your position by doing this? You’ve seen what happened to me. Once you become jealous, you will be eternally doomed!”

She underestimated Yun Luofeng, so she lost. As a jealous woman, the queen would never tolerate any woman around the king. If she tried to deal with Yun Luofeng, she would suffer a crushing defeat.

The queen’s eyes were grim. However, as she lifted her eyes, she looked sad and fragile again. “State Preceptor, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Humph!” Lin Youyu snorted, “You know it!” After saying this, she didn’t say anything more, her face cold.

“State Preceptor, can you explain this to me?” First Elder was confused and after quite a while, he asked angrily.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned to State Preceptor. Under their glare, Lin Youyu’s face turned increasingly paler.

Yun Luofeng glanced at the queen. If she was right, when the queen met her in the Council of Elders for the first time, she looked rather hostile to her and her eyes were even filled with rage.

Why did she stand up and speak for her?

Yun Luofeng squinted, turned to Lin Youyu and said with a faint smile, “In fact, it was easy to figure it out. The pill was covered with a fatal poison, and anyone who touched it would die within a few days!”

“So, it’s not that State Preceptor can predict people’s lifespan, but that… she poisoned the people, so they… would definitely die.”


The crowd was in an uproar. Everyone became angry. However, they restrained their inner impulse and quietly waited for Lin Youyu’s explanation.

Lin Youyu gave a sneer and kept silent… not denying Yun Luofeng’s charge against her.

“State Preceptor!” First Elder finally lost control of himself and he growled, “Is that true? You don’t have the power to prophesy. You just kill people to make your prophecy come true?”

Lin Youyu gave a mocking smile, and her face was filled with sarcasm. She slowly turned her eyes to First Elder, and said coldly, “I could do this because you are too stupid! You should blame yourselves”

She meant that they were deceived by her because they were too stupid. They should blame no one but themselves! At this moment, all the people present couldn’t control themselves and swarmed towards Lin Youyu, wishing they could break the woman into pieces.

Even First Elder didn’t stop the furious crowd but instead clenched his fists. This woman was able to prophesy people’s lifespan because she secretly killed all those people by the date she prophesied. It was ridiculous that he devoutly believed in her and treated her like a god!

“B*tch, you deceived us! You should die a miserable death!”

“I’m going to avenge my countrymen by breaking you to pieces!”

“D*mn you! Go to hell! You evil woman! You nearly killed me! I have to torture you to death!”

Among the crowd, the angriest one was the young man who was just saved by Yun Luofeng. If it hadn’t been Yun Luofeng, he would have died in the last five days.

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