Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1549 - Expose Her True Colors (3)

Chapter 1549: Expose Her True Colors (3)

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When Lin Youyu heard Yun Luofeng expose her identity, a flustered gleam flashed through her eyes, but she said nonchalantly, “I don’t understand what you mean.” She would never admit that she had a grudge against Yun Luofeng anyways.

“State Preceptor, she is not lying. You are the heiress to the Poison Valley.”

Suddenly, a soft voice came from behind the crowd. The crowd parted and a gentle-looking woman slowly came forward.

Seeing the beautiful woman walking to her, Lin Youyu scowled, “What do you mean, Queen?”

The queen turned her beautiful eyes to Lin Youyu and tightly bit her lips, “State Preceptor, don’t deny it. Five days ago, you came to me and told me what happened between you and Yun Luofeng. And you slandered her, claiming that she seduced your father. You hate her so much that you tried to frame her.


Anger welled up within Lin Youyu, and she glared at the queen’s tender face, “Queen! You… ”

“State Preceptor, I pretended to trust you these days just to avenge my sister.”

Lin Youyu covered her mouth with her hand, tears running down from her eyes.

However, Xuan Yuan’s body shook when he heard this. He tightly clenched his fists.

“What did you say, Queen?”

The queen lowered her eyes and a sinister light flickered across them. After quite a while, she raised her head and looked at the king sadly.

“Your Majesty, I think I have to tell you that the murderer of my sister is State Preceptor!”

She pointed at Lin Youyu, her voice filled with hatred.

“However, our people believed in State Preceptor too much, and no one would believe me even if I told the truth. But I don’t want to see her hurting innocent people anymore, so I had to bring the truth to light.”

With that, the queen slowly took out a cloth bag from her pocket and opened it carefully. Suddenly, a brown pill came into people’s sight.

“I secretly picked up this pill when State Preceptor threw it away. I assure you Miss Yun hasn’t touched it. Now can you touch it, State Preceptor?”

In an instant, all eyes, filled with doubts, turned to Lin Youyu.

Lin Youyu was trembling with anger, “Queen, have you forgotten it was you who asked me to deal with your sister two years ago? Now you want to pin it on me?”

The queen covered her mouth in astonishment, and tears fell from her eyes. “She was my sister. How could I kill her? State Preceptor, you pour dirty water on my head to exonerate yourself. Do you think it’s going to work?”

Lin Youyu didn’t expect that the queen would stand up and plant the crime she committed on her When did she kill her sister? Two years ago, the queen bought a poison from her, and then her sister died. Through examination, she found that what killed her sister was exactly the poison the queen had bought from her. She thought that since she knew the queen’s secret she would be able to do whatever she wanted in this country, but she never expected that this woman was so insidious as to pin her crime on her!

“State Preceptor!” Xuan Yuan growled. His eyes turned bloodshot, “did you kill Qing’er?”

His childhood lover, his beloved wife, was murdered by State Preceptor?

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