Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1544 - God Burial Mountain (8)

Chapter 1544: God Burial Mountain (8)

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All the elders were stunned at her beauty. Both the queen and the state preceptor were gorgeous. However, compared with this woman in white, they were like mud to clouds. No wonder the king brought this woman to them…

“Your Majesty,” the old man frowned, “why did you bring this woman here?”

Although this woman was beautiful, their country valued strength more. She was just a beautiful vase.

“First Elder,” Xuan Yuan said respectfully, “Miss Yun wants to go to the forbidden area in the back mountain, so she came here to ask for your permission.”

“No way!”

First Elder’s face darkened and he snapped, “Don’t you know what a place the forbidden area is? No one who goes there can come back alive. We will never allow anyone to enter that place again. You’d better go back.”

“Miss Yun,” Xuan Yuan said, turning to Yun Luofeng with a wry smile, “You heard it. The elders won’t allow you to go there.”

To be honest, Yuan Xuan was not going to let Yun Luofeng go to the forbidden area. After all, that place was too dangerous. She, a weak woman, was courting death by going there!

Yun Luofeng looked up at the elders, “What if I say I can find a way in the forbidden area to get you out of here?”


Yun Luofeng’s words stirred up a storm in the minds of the elders.

She could find a way in the forbidden area to get them out of this place? Beyond all doubt, for the elders, leaving the bottom of the cliff was the most important thing…

If what Yun Luofeng said was real, they really should take a chance!

The elders all hesitated and looked at each other in consternation. Finally, they turned their eyes to First Elder and waited for his decision.

Just when First Elder was going to speak, a chuckle came from the outside.

A woman in a blue long dress and the queen stepped from outside. Her face lit up with a faint smile, and she looked at Yun Luofeng. The queen saw Yun Luofeng’s face at this moment…

Her heart was filled with jealousy and anger. She, who didn’t take the woman seriously, didn’t expect that the woman picked up by the king was so beautiful! How could she feel at ease if she was still alive? Fortunately, this idiot offended the great state preceptor. She would not be able to survive!

“Elders,” Lin Youyu took back her gaze and said with a sneer, “don’t be fooled by this woman. I’ve predicted it. There’s no way for you to leave here! If there really was such a way in the forbidden area, how could I not know it?”

The elders hesitated again. Indeed, they had all seen the power of the state preceptor. If there was really a way out in the forbidden area, how could the state preceptor not know it?

“Besides… “Lin Youyu paused and turned her sharp stare to Yun Luofeng, “I observed the stars last night and found that today there would be a woman coming who would bring a devastating blow to our country!”

Though the elders didn’t like Xuan Yuan taking a woman to see them, they did not show any unfriendliness to her. Now, hearing Lin Youyu’s words, all of them turned their eyes to Yun Luofeng.

Their eyes were filled with vigilance and suspicion…

“Your Majesty, this woman, who is of unknown origin, will bring disaster to our country,” First Elder pondered for a while and said, “So please drive her out right away, and forbid her from entering our country again.”

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