Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1541 - God Burial Mountain (5)

Chapter 1541: God Burial Mountain (5)

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It was because an elder of the Poison Valley entered the illusory realm of the Witchcraft Tribe and schemed against Yun Luofeng and caused her death. As a result, the faction on friendly terms with Yun Luofeng sought retribution from Poison Valley. She naturally could not say these reasons!

As for whether Yun Luofeng truly died or not and the Yun Luofeng picked up by the King was the one she wanted, this was unimportant. After all, she had never seen Yun Luofeng herself and was unfamiliar with her appearance.

However, just the mere fact that her name was Yun Luofeng meant she deserved death!

The queen recovered from her shock and furiously said, “How could such a cruel woman exist in this world? Right, she was taken in by King, will she seduce him? And King is in his prime, what if he can’t resist the temptation…”

Lin Youyu’s eyes sparkled, and her lips curled up with a cold smile. “She doesn’t let even old men slip by. King is so handsome, so how could she give him up? Moreover, this woman seeks wealth and honor, so she definitely covets your position as the queen.”

Hearing this, the queen instantly gnashed her teeth. “I originally thought that I would spare her if she was weak, but I must eliminate her now…”

“Queen, don’t worry, she is our common enemy, I will help you deal with her! However, since she has landed in my hands, so I don’t want to let her die too quickly!”

This country was her territory. Regardless of how strong Yun Luofeng was, how could she win against those elders? Hence, she must use this opportunity to mercilessly humiliate her!

“This is reasonable.” The queen nodded. “State Preceptor, you have suffered so many grievances, you deserve revenge! This woman won’t have a good fate in your hands.”

Lin Youyu laughed. Her cold eyes swept over the queen and left without saying anything else.


After Yun Luofeng’s health recovered, she left the room. This palace was unlike the outside world’s and did not have any guards posted at the door. She directly left the palace and arrived in the boisterous market.

She could see a crowd in the distance. Their eyes contained worship and reverence as they all looked in one direction.

“It’s State Preceptor, I heard the state preceptor will make a prophecy today. I wonder who is unfortunate enough to be the target?”

“Heh, this state preceptor is truly miraculous. If she says someone won’t live past midnight, then that person certainly won’t! Otherwise, the elders would not hold her in such high esteem and give her a status that surpasses the king’s.”

“However, the state preceptor typically won’t make prophecies for anyone. Anyone who visits her, wanting her to prophesy their life expectancy, will be rejected! People won’t know their end is near unless she personally comes out to specify that person.”

Inside a multistory building, a woman in cyan walked up the tall balcony under the escort of many palace maids. Like a ruler who looks down on the populace, she haughtily peered at the humans below her. Her expression made her akin to a deity who can determine a person’s life and death, everyone’s fate unable to escape her sight.

“Prophesying someone’s lifespan?” Yun Luofeng paused with interest. “Xiao Mo, there’s someone who possesses this ability in this world?”

Xiao Mo’s voice was heard from her soul after a moment. “I have never heard of that. Even the strongest prophet from a thousand years ago didn’t have this power. I didn’t expect a small country would have someone who possessed such a mysterious power.”

Perhaps because she wanted to know how this woman made her prophecies, Yun Luofeng did not hurry to find the exit and stopped instead, surveying the woman on the balcony.

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