Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1540 - God Burial Mountain (4)

Chapter 1540: God Burial Mountain (4)

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“What is the strength of this new arrival?”

“Reporting to the Queen, this servant doesn’t know,” the palace maid answered while respectfully kneeling on the ground.

“Humph!” the gently beautiful woman snorted. “Observe that woman for me. If she is weak, forget it. But if she is strong, then immediately send someone to secretly eliminate her!”

“Yes, my queen!” The maidservant retreated.

The woman tightly clutched the teacup in her hand, a cold glint flashing through her eyes.

She did not become the queen because she was greedy for power. It was because she truly fell in love with Xuan Yuan! Because of this, she had no scruples about killing her older sister!

That’s right, the elders did not choose her as a candidate to become the queen! It was her stronger sister instead! In order to obtain Xuan Yuan, she poisoned her sister and then immediately stepped over her sister’s corpse and ascended the throne to become the queen.

How could she permit anyone to threaten her position now?

Unfortunately, her sister was not only the queen chosen by the elders, but Xuan Yuan and her sister also had affection for each other. As a result, this man did not touch her at all during the two years that they had been married!

Recalling the past, the killing intent in the queen’s eyes deepened and with a crack, the teacup in her grasp also shattered.

“Queen, why are you so angry?” Suddenly, a light laugh was heard, quickly followed by the entrance of a woman in a cyan-colored ruqun. She had a clean and refreshing type of beauty, comparable to a newly blooming lotus.

“State Preceptor, why did you come?” Seeing this woman, the queen’s voice was very respectful.

Like Yun Luofeng, this woman also came from the outside world, but her methods were too formidable. She was talented in both the art of poison and medicine, so she was greatly revered in a country without physicians like this one. In addition, this woman could observe the stars and calculate a person’s fate, so the elders unanimously bestowed her with the title State Preceptor.

“I know the girl that King brought back,” the woman in cyan loathingly uttered, hatred rising in her eyes.

The queen was surprised. She did not expect the State Preceptor to know Yun Luofeng.

“Is there some enmity between you two?”

The woman in cyan sneered. “We naturally have a great enmity between us! Queen, when I arrived, I told you that my dad and I and others were misunderstood by the world and were hunted. After being forced to escape from Poison Valley, we were massacred by the Ghost Emperor. Besides me who luckily escaped with my life, everyone else died!”

“The one who caused all of this was Yun Luofeng!” Lin Youyu had not seen Yun Luofeng before, but she had carved this name into her mind during these years. If it were not for Yun Luofeng, Poison Valley would not be destroyed and she would not have had to watch her father be killed, unable to do anything…

The queen exclaimed with shock, “Yun Luofeng is really this vicious?”

“She isn’t only vicious.” Lin Youyu’s eyes turned colder as she said, full of murderous intent, “Do you know the world’s assessment of Yun Luofeng? She specializes in stealing men, whether it is a hundred-year-old elderly or a ten-year-old child, she won’t let them slip away! Three years ago, this woman delusionally wanted to seduce my dad and become the mistress of Poison Valley. But my dad severely rejected her, so she harbored resentment and found the people she once successfully seduced to eliminate everyone in Poison Valley!”

In reality, Lin Youyu clearly understood why Poison Valley suffered a massacre.

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