Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1539 - God Burial Mountain (3)

Chapter 1539: God Burial Mountain (3)

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The man smiled. "We are at God Burial Mountain, and you will be safe in this country."

The man swiftly explained everything to her.

It turned out the people in this place were visitors who had encountered danger inside God Burial Mountain over the past hundreds and thousands of years. Whether they were chased by skeletons or spirit beasts, they ended up escaping to here. Because spirit beasts could not enter this place, they started living in seclusion here.

Of course, there were people who wanted to leave, but they were unable the leave once they entered the base of the cliff. Hence, this place had eventually become a country of its own. Although the population was sparse, there was a royal city and a market, no different than the outside world.

However, spirit beasts and skeletons could not enter this country, but who knew whether the people could find an opportunity to leave one day? As a result, the country had a rule that the strongest man of the younger generation could become the king of this country! The strong people from the newer generation were recruited by the elder organization.

The marriage of the king was decided by the elder organization. As the king, he did not have the right to marry the one he loved most! Only the strongest woman could become the queen. Hence, the position of the king and queen were both unstable. If someone who surpassed them appeared, they could replace them. In summary, this was a country where your strength decided everything. The inheritance of the crown from father to son in the outside world was invalid here.

Evidently, the man who stood before Yun Luofeng was the king of this country! However, from the way he dressed, she could tell how poor the royal family was. They didn't even have proper clothing. No wonder these people wanted to leave this place.

The handsome man scratched his head and genially asked, "I already told you everything. Can you tell me your name?"

Yun Luofeng pondered over it before answering, "Yun Luofeng."

These people had been living in seclusion here for so many years, so even if she spoke her name, they would not know who she was. Hence, she did not need to worry at all…

"Miss Yun, since you arrived here, you are now a citizen of our country. You will need to spend the rest of your life here." The man lightly sighed, his features brimming with worry.

He was born and raised inside God Burial Mountain and had never seen the outside world, so he had no knowledge of the outside world.

"We truly can't leave here?" Yun Luofeng frowned. She must leave! Yun Xiao was still waiting for her!

"That's right, the people who have come here are unable to leave," the handsome man responded with a faint smile. "Hence, you can rest here without worry. Right, I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Xuan Yuan."

After saying this, he gave a few orders to the palace maids tending to her before leaving.

"Right…" Yun Luofeng suddenly remembered Yun Yi and Xiao Mo and hurriedly checked on the situation inside God's Code Space. She discovered the battered Yun Yi laying on the grass and Xiao Mo silently sitting beside him.

Seeing them, Yun Luofeng subconsciously relaxed.

"Forget it, since we can't do anything, we will wait and see. I believe we can find a way to leave."

Inside a bedchamber, a gently beautiful woman was sitting on a chair and listening to the report of a palace maid, a cold glint flashing through her eyes.

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