Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1538 - God Burial Mountain (2)

Chapter 1538: God Burial Mountain (2)

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“Master, let’s flee.” Xiao Mo’s voice rung by her ears. “We still have a sliver of a chance if we escape. Otherwise, we will die here.”

He did not expect that they would encounter the skeleton army the instant they entered God Burial Mountain. Didn’t they say that the outer limits of the God Burial Mountain weren’t very dangerous?

However… what Xiao Mo did not know was that they had bad luck. The skeleton army only patrolled once a month, yet they just happened to encounter them during this month’s patrol…

“Yun Yi,” Yun Luofeng frowned and coldly called.

Yun Yi immediately understood his master’s meaning. He scooped one hand around Yun Luofeng’s waist and picked up Xiao Mo with the other before charging toward the crowd of skeletons in front of them.

If they want to enter God Burial Mountain, they had to go through this crowd of skeletons. If they drew back, it would mean they would not be able to step inside.

The hellfire in the skeletons’ eyes intensified, and the bones in their hands swung fiercely at Yun Yi.

Although Yun Yi was a puppet cast from steel, he still could not bear the beatings of the skeletons. His body swiftly became ridden with holes, as though he was pierced by a sword over and over again.

The skeletons might only be holding a bone club in their hand, but this bone club was sharper than any weapon, and each strike equated one hole.

If these bone clubs landed on Yun Luofeng, it would be as simple as holes upon holes.

Yun Yi was merely a puppet without a soul and did not understand pain. He only knew how to obey Yun Luofeng’s orders and swiftly dash forward.

Seeing Yun Yi escape, the skeletons all chased after them while brandishing their bone club.

“It appears that these skeletons might be dead already, but they still know to chase after enemies and are not the same as puppets like Yun Yi.” Yun Luofeng contemplated. “However, after this, I must reforge Yun Yi.”

Suddenly, Yun Yi halted. Yun Luofeng looked up and discovered a bottomless cliff in front of them.

“Master, there’s something odd about this cliff.” Xiao Mo frowned. “There appears to be a restriction in this location. If you jump inside, you can’t fly in the air.”

Yun Luofeng turned her head and glanced at their pursuers before turning back to the bottomless cliff. Her eyes turned cold as she sternly ordered, “Yun Yi, go down.”

Yun Yi did not hesitate. Because he was a puppet, he did not display any fear and expressionlessly jumped off the cliff.

The wind whipped past their ears, the force causing her to be unable to open her eyes. The sharp winds caused her to ache all over, as though knives were cutting open her skin…

She hurriedly shut her eyes and waited for the landing.

However, before she could land, she lost consciousness and darkness overcame her. She remained clueless about the following events…

In her groggy state of mind, Yun Luofeng could faintly hear a call from her side.

“Miss, wake up. Wake up…”

Her brows knitted and opened her eyes, annoyed. A young and handsome face entered her sight.

The man wore a flax-colored long robe, and his good-looking appearance was matched with healthy tanned skin. His gray-colored eyes contained a faint trace of concern. When he saw Yun Luofeng open her eyes, joy entered his heart. “Miss, you are awake?”

Yun Luofeng was taken back. She rubbed her temples and climbed up from the bed. “I remember that I encountered a group of skeletons in God Burial Mountain. Where am I?”

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