Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1537 - God Burial Mountain (1)

Chapter 1537: God Burial Mountain (1)

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God Burial Mountain was the most dangerous part of the Seven Province continent, not only due to the abundance of spirit beasts in there but also because of the countless danger zones and traps in the mountain. Anyone who triggered these traps would dissipate into the air even if their strength rivaled a god’s.

This was how God Burial Mountain obtained its name. A place that could become the burial place of even a god, the danger within could be imagined!

Of course, not the entire mountain range was incomparably dangerous, but the deeper you went, the more dangerous it became. As for the outer parts of the God Burial Mountain, they possessed a countless number of ferocious spirit beasts, but it still allowed people to leave alive.

Currently, a white-robed girl slowly entered the God Burial Mountain. Her hair fluttered in the wind and a faint light enveloped her beautiful and wicked face.

“Master…” Xiao Mo left the God’s Code Space and appeared in front of Yun Luofeng. He looked at the girl with a slight purse of his lips. “Are you sure you want to enter God Burial Mountain? Truthfully, I don’t know anything about God Burial Mountain and also don’t know the situation inside.”

“I’m sure.” She could not allow Yun Xiao to face danger alone. No matter what happened, she would stay by his side.

“Alright, then I will accompany you without reserve.” Xiao Mo smiled.

He had been all alone for so many years. Meeting Yun Luofeng was the fortune of a lifetime, so how could he cower as soon as he faced danger?

“Yun Yi,” Yun Luofeng did not respond and called instead.

Instantly, the muscled Yun Yi stood behind Yun Luofeng, guarding her safety like Mount Tai.

Inside God Burial Mountain, there was an endless danger, so she must summon the puppet out just in case.

“Let’s go.” She turned her gaze to the continuous stretch of mountains before her, determination dominating her face.

Yun Xiao, wait for me! I will find you in no time!

Inside God Burial Mountain, dangers overlapped each other. The instant Yun Luofeng stepped inside, she could sense a pressure.

If Little Tree was still here, she would at least have an extra safeguard, but Little Tree had fallen into a deep sleep, and she could not rely on him. Hence, Yun Luofeng was extra cautious.

Rustle rustle rustle!

Suddenly, a murderous intent came from the underbrush to the side. Yun Luofeng’s brows knitted as she called, “Careful!”

At the same time, a group of skeletons walked out of the underbrush, each holding a bone club in their hand. Moss-green hellfire floated in the sockets of where their eyes once used to be, giving them an eerie and odd appearance.

Like a well-trained group of soldiers, their steps were uniform and ordered.

“Master, it’s the Skeleton King and his troops! The Skeleton King’s strength is at sage-lord intermediate-rank level and the others are at least sage-god advanced-rank, but a majority of them are sage-lord low-rank level!” Xiao Mo sharply inhaled.

“If I have guessed correctly, an army once came and lost their lives here. I don’t understand how these soldiers were able to use a skeleton form to remain alive in this world and have raised their strength to this extent!”

Yun Luofeng’s heart also sunk. If it was a group of spirit beasts, perhaps she could still fight them. However, it was a group of skeletons standing before her… Skeletons that did not feel pain and were already dead!

How should she fight a group of skeletons?

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