Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1536 - Yun Xiao’s Fate (4)

Chapter 1536: Yun Xiao's Fate (4)

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Yet, Grandfather Jun was willing to sacrifice this much for her. Her heart was not made of stone, so how could she not be affected?

"Thank you." Yun Luofeng accepted the jade pendant and pressed it closely against her chest, a dazzling light shining from her pitch-black eyes.

"Little Yun, you haven't called me Grandfather yet." The old man shot her an aggrieved glance. "You are leaving now, aren't you planning to call me Grandfather at least once?"

A faint smile rose on her lips. "Grandfather."

Her voice was very faint and aloof, but it slammed heavily into Grandfather Jun's heart, filling it with satisfaction.

Her call of "Grandfather" filled him with satisfaction. If this girl was not going away to find her husband, he would certainly keep her here so that she could say it every day.

"I am leaving now. Stay safe." Yun Luofeng cupped her fists and turned to leave the courtyard.

"Release me! Let me enter, I want to see Ling'er." Suddenly, a boisterous voice was heard from outside, causing Jun Ling'er to frown.

"Ling'er, for you?" Jun Xuan asked, glancing at Jun Ling'er with astonishment.

Jun Ling'er nodded and looked at the people guarding the door. Her melodic and indifferent voice rung, "Let her enter."

With Jun Ling'er's agreement, the guards stopped blocking the person, allowing her to successfully enter the courtyard.

"Ling'er." Ye Rong's eyes landed on Jun Ling'er, full of guilt and remorse. Before she could say anything, she was interrupted by the other girl.

"Ye Rong, I am not that familiar with you. Don't call me Ling'er. You can call me Miss Ling'er like everyone else."

Jun Ling'er's lips curled. Although Cao Yueqin causes her a lot of trouble, she must thank her for one thing. Because of her, she managed to clearly see Ye Rong's true colors.

"Ling'er, I only said those things because I was deceived by her." Ye Rong panicked and wanted to run towards Jun Ling'er but was blocked by the two guards, keeping her a meter away from Jun Ling'er.

Ye Rong's heart felt a chill. "You truly don't plan to forgive me?" Tears rose from her eyes as she looked at the indifferent Jun Ling'er while tightly biting her lips.

"Ye Rong, did you forget what you previously said? You said that you had to befriend Cao Yueqin for the sake of the Ye Family and you merely used me." Jun Ling'er snorted. "Why do you think I have to forgive you?"

Ye Rong's heart skipped a beat, and she admonished herself. It was not enough that she followed Cao Yueqin, but why did she tell that to Jun Ling'er while trying to prove her loyalty to Cao Yueqin Who would have expected Cao Yueqin to be a counterfeit and cause her to offend Jun Ling'er?

"Ling'er, you aren't someone so cruel…" A teardrop hung on the corner of Ye Rong's pain-filled eyes.

"Dad, I don't want to see her." Jun Ling'er pouted. "This woman is too detestable, more detestable than those brown-nosing social climbers."

"Alright." Jun Xuan indulgently patted her head. "Then Dad will have people kick her out and evict the Ye Family from Jun City forever, is that alright?"

Ye Rong's face turned ashen, and she started lightly trembling.

If the Ye Family was truly forced to leave Jun City, then she would be a felon for the rest of her life and the elder generation of the clan absolutely would not spare her.

However, Jun Xuan would not give her a chance to hassle Jun Ling'er and waved his hand, directly ordering the guards to toss her out of the estate.

Jun Ling'er did not plead on behalf of the Ye Family at all. She might be kind but she did not tolerate any deceit! Ye Rong deceived her, so she must pay the price!

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