Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1535 - Yun Xiao's Fate (3)

Chapter 1535: Yun Xiao’s Fate (3)

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Cao Yueqin shook her head, her face deathly pale and her eyes full of despair.

“Impossible! This is impossible! The jade pendant was clearly given to me by my foster mother. How could she lie to me?”

Jun Ling’er waved her hand and ordered, “Come and take Cao Yueqin and parade her through the streets! Also, announce all of her evil! Make everyone understand that this Cao Yueqin is merely a counterfeit!”

Didn’t you ingratiate yourself with Cao Yueqin and sided with the powerful? Then I want to make you understand that Cao Yueqin is nothing but a counterfeit.

Also, Ye Rong, did you predict this day when you betrayed me for Cao Yueqin?

“Yes, Miss!” Two guards came up and grabbed Cao Yueqin, dragging her outside.

“No! I don’t want to go! I beg you to forgive me, I beg you!” Cao Yueqin’s voice was wrought with grief and heartbreak as she was forcefully dragged out. Her voice became more and more distant, gradually fading from Jun Ling’er’s ears.


The next day, daybreak:

All of the Jun Family stood on the side and was respectfully sending Yun Luofeng off.

Jun Ling’er tightly held Yun Luofeng’s hands as she miserably asked, “Sister Yun, when will you return?”

“I will return after I find Yun Xiao,” Yun Luofeng aloofly answered as she looked up at the distant sky.

Grandfather Jun sighed. “Girl, you really don’t need me to go with you? God Burial Mountain is too dangerous, how can I not worry about you?”

With difficulty he obtained an obedient granddaughter-in-law, so how could he be willing to part with her like this? Yet, this granddaughter-in-law was very stubborn and he attempted to persuade her the whole night without success.

“No need,” Yun Luofeng answered while shaking her head. “I will come back alive.”

There were too many people that she could not leave behind on this world, so how could she be willing to lose her life in God Burial Mountain?

Seeing her insistence, Grandfather Jun did not say anything else and was silent for a moment before digging out two jade pendants from his lapels and placing them in Jun Luofeng’s hand.

One of the jade pendants was clearly the one that he snatched from Yun Luofeng yesterday, the one he placed inside his daughter’s swaddling clothes back then. However, he did not take the jade pendant because he wanted to steal Yun Luofeng’s things, it was to satiate his longing for its owner.

“Since my daughter gave you this pendant, then it belongs to you now. It can help withstand one attack when your life is in danger. Of course, it only works if you wear it on your neck, it won’t work if it’s taken off.”

This jade pendant could only ward off a fatal attack. If it was not fatal, this pendant would not work.

“As for the other jade pendant, I placed a strand of my soul’s power inside of it.”

Soul’s power?

Hearing this, every member of the Jun Family uniformly turned to look at the old man with shock in their eyes. Everyone understood what the soul’s power meant!

The soul’s power was obtained by Grandfather Jun separating a strand of his soul and forcefully sealed it inside this jade pendant. It would take a couple of months for him to recover that strand of soul’s power.

“If you are in danger, then send your spiritual energy into the jade pendant and I will sense it. I can instantly appear beside you regardless of how far away I am.”

Looking at the jade pendant that Grandfather Jun was giving to her, it would be a lie if Yun Luofeng claimed she was not moved.

She had only met Grandfather Jun twice, so they were not close to this extent even after considering their mutual connection to Jun Fengling.

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