Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1531 - Grandfather Jun Has Returned (8)

Chapter 1531: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (8)

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“Dad.” Not understanding what had happened, Jun Ling’er quickly walked to Jun Xuan. She glanced at the pale Cao Yueqin with a frown, confusion flashing through the depths of her eyes.

Then, Grandfather’s return quickly cleared the confusion in her. She slowly walked to the front of Grandfather and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Grandfather, you’ve returned?”

The girl’s melodic voice pulled the old man out of his excitement. He turned his sight to Jun Ling’er and chuckled. “Ling’er, aren’t you happy seeing Grandfather? What happened? You used to throw yourself at me immediately.”

Jun Ling’er blinked. “Grandfather, Cao Yueqin said just now that she sent you a letter and she claimed that… you wanted to kick me out of the Jun Family.”

“Cao Yueqin?” Grandfather Jun frowned. “Who is that? Do I know them?”

Jun Ling’er blinked in confusion, her gaze turning to Jun Xuan, asking him what was happening.

On the way here, it was not that Jun Ling’er did not ask the guard, but because Jun Ling’er was very approachable, the guard did not answer her question. Instead, he mysteriously said that she would know in time. So Jun Ling’er was still kept in the dark and did not understand the situation.

“Master,” Jun Ling’er glanced at the fallen Cao Yueqin, “Ling’er is referring to her.”

“Nonsense!” Grandfather Jun flew into a rage and his fist swung to hit the tree beside him. “What are you? First you impersonate my granddaughter and then put words in my mouth and falsely claim I want to expel my granddaughter? Who gave you the guts?”

Cao Yueqin shuddered from terror, not daring to utter a single word.

Jun Ling’er finally reacted and threw herself into Grandfather Jun’s arm with a cry with an extremely aggrieved expression.

“Grandfather, why did you only return now?! Cao Yueqin has been turning the Jun Family into complete chaos during this period of time. She even insulted Mother as a wh*re and said she would expel Sister Yun and me out of the Jun Family! She claimed that she was the true miss of the Jun Family and that Sister Yun and I were nothing but freeloaders.”

Jun Ling’er has suffered through a large grievance these past few days, but she was finally able to voice all of her grievances at that moment and was crying very pitifully.

“Oh, right! She also wants to kill all of the servants of our Jun Family, saying that since she was a miss of the Jun Family, it was reasonable for her to kill some family servants.”

Grandfather Jun was already trembling from his anger and was pointing at Cao Yueqin but unable to say anything. He did not expect that a few days of delay would cause such a crisis and even caused his granddaughters to suffer through such tribulations.

“Jun Xuan!” Grandfather Jun angrily shouted, causing Jun Xuan to nearly kneel on the ground from fright.

He wanted to cry. “Master, I also didn’t know she was fake…”

“Idiot, you idiot! You mistook the fake for the real one but actually did not discover that the real one was standing in front of you. How can an idiot like you exist in this world!”

“Master, I initially thought that since the Qinglei Clan used her to threaten the Jun Family, she must be the real one. Who would have thought that she would be a counterfeit?” Jun Xuan also felt very aggrieved but he abruptly realized something in the next moment and in confusion asked, “The real one is in front of me? Master, what do you mean? Forgive your disciple for being uneducated and not understanding your words.”

Grandfather Jun snorted and turned to glare at Yun Luofeng. “Little Yun, how long will you pretend to be innocent and ignorant over there?”

The entire Jun Family turned silent at that instant, and everyone looked at Yun Luofeng. Even Jun Ling’er stopped sobbing.

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