Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1530 - Grandfather Jun Has Returned (7)

Chapter 1530: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (7)

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Grandfather angrily punched Jun Xuan’s head, wishing nothing more than to beat this idiot to death.

Jun Xuan looked at the old man with a face a grievance. “Master, what did this disciple do wrong?”

“B*stard, idiot, how could this girl be my granddaughter? How could I have a granddaughter like this?” Grandfather Jun furiously grasped onto Jun Xuan’s lapels and shouted, “Return my granddaughter to me, return my granddaughter!”

Jun Xuan’s head was dizzy. He did not know what had happened, but he understood one thing: Cao Yueqin was not Master’s granddaughter!

Happiness came too suddenly, and he was unable to recover.

“Grandfather.” Cao Yueqin panicked and stepped forward, wanting to pull the old man’s sleeve. “I’m truly your granddaughter.”

The second her hand touched Grandfather Jun, it was ruthlessly flung off.

“Scram! Could it be that I don’t recognize my own granddaughter?”

Jun Xuan just regained his wits with great difficulty when he heard the old man’s words. He could not help but inwardly mutter, you haven’t even seen your granddaughter, how could you know her?

Cao Yueqin’s mind turned blank and she bewilderedly looked at the raging old man. She was not related to the Jun Family? Impossible, Mother would not lie to her. Moreover, that jade pendant had received the verification of the Qinglei Clan…

“Grandfather.” Cao Yueqin slowly recovered and aggrievedly stated, “I’m the genuine one. Also, my jade pendant was verified by the Qinglei Clan, they merely destroyed it.”

“Qinglei Clan means bullsh*t!” Grandfather Jun had always been a refined old man, but now he was swearing time and time again. The boiling fury in his heart was apparent.

“Even my disciple hasn’t seen my jade pendant, but the Qinglei Clan could determine yours to be the real one with an illustration alone?” The fury in the old man’s chest billowed.

In truth, even if the jade pendant was placed in front of Jun Xuan, he might not be able to determine to the veracity of it, only Grandfather Jun had the knowledge.

Grandfather Jun inhaled a deep breath and caustically said, “Forget it, this matter can’t depend on the Jun Family. I should go find my granddaughter myself. Right, call Ling’er back for me to see. After I see her, I will leave again.”

Jun Xuan hurriedly agreed and ordered a guard to find Jun Ling’er. Previously, he understood thoroughly that Jun Ling’er did not want to see Cao Yueqin, so he did not call his daughter here as well. But now, this good news must be shared with Ling’er. Jun Xuan grew more excited the more he thought about it, and a smile involuntarily turned up on his lips.

No one paid attention to the ashen Cao Yueqin. Not long after, the guard returned with two girls closely following behind.

Grandfather Jun’s face was still infuriated, but for the sake of his beloved granddaughter, he forcefully suppressed the rage.

“Ling’er, you are back…” Grandfather Jun recovered his previous smiling demeanor and turned to look outside the courtyard. This glance brought his voice to a halt, and his eyes shot open with shock.

Am I seeing things?

Grandfather Jun harshly rubbed his eyes and widened them, intently staring at the white-robed girl standing beside Jun Ling’er. His breathing became rushed and his expression was full of excitement!

That was right, it was excitement!

Jun Xuan glanced at the old man and pondered over it in his mind. It looked like this girl was very important in Grandfather Jun’s heart. Otherwise, the old man would not seek retribution from the Poison Valley for her and reveal so many emotions upon seeing her still alive.

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