Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1529 - Grandfather Jun Has Returned (6)

Chapter 1529: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (6)

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“What are you people good for? Don’t you know to annihilate a clan? People who dare to touch this old man’s granddaughter, it’s not excessive even if you make them die a thousand times.”

Everyone began to sweat.

Old Family Head, where did your immortal demeanor go? Where’s your indifference and unworldliness? Could it be all a pretense?

“That’s right…” Grandfather Jun suddenly recalled something. “Where’s my lovable granddaughter? Quickly tell her to come out and meet her grandfather.”

The corner of Jun Xuan’s lips twitched. He really wanted to say, not only is your granddaughter not lovable but she has almost turned Jun Family upside down. At this time, Jun Xuan saw an approaching figure and his mouth pursed. “She is here.”

At that instant, Grandfather Jun felt like his heart was dangling off a cliff. He repeatedly mulled over how he should greet his granddaughter.

Grandfather Jun turned his head with a big smile and spoke the explanation in his mind,  My dear granddaughter, it was Grandfather’s fault last time for not recognizing you. How about it? I didn’t scare you, right? It looks like fate is on our side… 

Unfortunately, his words came to a halt.

That strange face, whether it was the appearance or the temperament was all incredibly different from his lovable granddaughter. Especially the greed and treachery in her eyes, disgusting no matter how he looked at it.

“Who is she?” Grandfather Jun looked back at Jun Xuan and asked in a foolishly cute manner.

Jun Xuan’s mouth twitched. “Master, she is your lovable granddaughter.”

Grandfather Jun was stunned. This girl was his granddaughter? Bullsh*t! A girl that can make him disgusted with a glance, how could she be his lovable granddaughter?

On the way here, Cao Yueqin had already been informed that the Old Family Head had returned. Otherwise, she would probably dilly dally before returning to the Jun Estate. Seeing the old man in front of Jun Xuan, it was obvious that he was Grandfather Jun.

She suppressed the excitement in her heart and quickly stepped up, trying her best to display her obedient side. “Grandfather, you’ve finally returned. I have waited for you with great difficulties. Mother has already died, and it wasn’t until my foster mother told me my identity that I learned I was your granddaughter. However, these jerks from the Jun Family won’t recognize me at all and even the slaves dare to bully me.”

The more Cao Yueqin spoke, the angrier she became. She did not notice Grandfather Jun’s gradually darkening face.

“Especially that Jun Ling’er! She throws around her power to bully people and even claimed that she made the decisions in the Jun Family and told me to get lost from the Jun Family. Grandfather, she completely disregards your blood relations, so shouldn’t you mercilessly punish her?”

Jun Xuan’s expression darkened. He did not expect Cao Yueqin to distort the truth this drastically and hastily turned to Grandfather Jun but saw that the old man’s face could not be any darker and a storm was raging in his eyes.

It was over! Master was angry! Ice wrapped around Jun Xuan’s heart. He understood that he could not stay inside the Jun Family any longer.

In contrast, Cao Yueqin’s expression turned more bloating. Who told Jun Ling’er to bully her? And that Yun Luofeng, they both deserve a thousand deaths!

“Master…” Jun Xuan wanted to explain, but the old man raised his hand to prevent him.

Grandfather Jun’s hand was pointing at Cao Yueqin, and rage was evident in his voice. “Jun Xuan, who told you this girl was my granddaughter? Who? Make him get his ass out here for death!”

“Um…” Jun Xuan was dumbfounded for a moment before he honestly replied, “It was an elder from the Qinglei Clan, but he is already dead, so he doesn’t need to come out for death.”

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