Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1527 - Grandfather Jun Has Returned (4)

Chapter 1527: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (4)

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"No, I'm tired and want to rest." Yun Luofeng's wicked voice made Jun Ling'er more certain that she did not come here to take a walk, she came here to stand up for her…

Hua Yifei watched Yun Luofeng's departing figure and commented, "If… Miss Yun was Grandfather's granddaughter, I reckon many things would not have happened…"

Jun Ling'er's face was full of disappointment. "What a pity. Only someone like Sister Yun deserves to be the granddaughter of a character like Grandfather. Why does someone like Cao Yueqin exist?"

Hua Yifei shook his head with a bitter smile. The Jun Family was destined for chaos due to the arrival of Cao Yueqin…

Hua Yifei's words were correct indeed. Due to the arrival of Cao Yueqin, on top of the Jun Family, Jun City also lost its peace.

The aristocratic youths of the Jun Family heard of the conflict between Cao Yueqin and Jun Ling'er from somewhere alone, so the youths who originally hounded Jun Ling'er all rushed to Cao Yueqin's side all at once and ingratiated themselves with her, wishing nothing more than to lick her shoes.

Regarding the aristocratic youths, Jun Ling'er had long since known that they were bootlickers, so she had never given them any attention. Even so, seeing those people revolving around Cao Yueqin, her heart was embroiled in fury.

Especially since when Jun Ling'er brought Yun Luofeng to a restaurant, they ran into a young and handsome youth trailing after Cao Yueqin like a Pekingese. He could not stop himself from making derisive remarks about Jun Ling'er.

"Some people used to look down on others simply because she was a miss of the Jun Family. It's good now that the genuine offspring of the Jun Family has returned. Let's see if Grandfather Jun will dote solely on her still."

Due to her family background, Cao Yueqin had previously often been on the end of mockery and ridicule. When had she ever been as well regarded as today?

She held her chin up high and pridefully watched the approaching Yun Luofeng and Jun Ling'er with a sneer on her lips. "That was because Grandfather had lost my mother since she was young and was too grieved, so he considered her father as my mother's substitute and her as mine. Now that I have returned, the Jun Family naturally doesn't have a spot for her anymore. I sent a letter to my grandfather yesterday, and he has already promised me to kick Jun Ling'er our."

There was no such thing as sending a letter, to begin with, she merely wanted to entice these people to help her ridicule Jun Ling'er, so she purposefully lied. Otherwise, as a miss of the Jun Family, even if she was only the daughter of Grandfather's disciple, her status was still noble.

Having her expelled from the Jun Family was the only way that these people would not have scruples against Jun Ling'er.

"Nonsense!" Jun Ling'er's face was red from anger. "Grandfather wouldn't do something like that!"

"Hmph, if you don't believe it, there's nothing I can do." Cao Yueqin shrugged. "Wait until your grandfather returns, and everything will be clear. Let's go."

Jun Ling'er furiously clenched her fists, fire spitting out of her eyes. She was stupefied when she saw the cyan-robed girl stepping out of the restaurant and hurriedly following Cao Yueqin.

"Ye Rong, why are you…"

Ye Rong's head remained lowered. When she reached Jun Ling'er's side, her steps paused, and she said, "Sorry, Ling'er, my clan needs to rely on the Jun Family. I became friends with you because you used to be a daughter of the Jun Family. Now… I have no other way."

After saying this, she trailed behind Cao Yueqin, her head downcast.

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