Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1525 - Grandfather Jun Has Returned (2)

Chapter 1525: Grandfather Jun Has Returned (2)

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“Jun Xuan, as the Family Head of the Jun Family, will you allow evil servants to assault people as they please?” Cao Yueqin was trembling from her anger. “These lowly slaves dared to hit me, I want them to pay with their life immediately!”

Jun Xuan’s frown deepened. “Miss Cao, even if you are my master’s blood descendant, I am still the head of the Jun Family. It is discourteous and unacceptable for you to call me by my name! Also, my Jun Family has its own family rules. They did commit a wrong and should be punished, but they do not deserve death!”

“Why?” Hearing this, Cao Yueqin jumped up. “Why can’t they die? As slaves, their duty is to be loyal to their masters. A slave that dares to hit his master should be cut into pieces and die without an intact corpse!”

A maidservant appeared to be angered by Cao Yueqin’s words and courageously refuted, “This servant’s master is Old Family Head and Family Head as well as Miss Ling’er.”

“Look! Look at this vermin!” Cao Yueqin pointed at the maidservant and her eyes looked like she wanted to eat people. “Fine, if you won’t kill her, then I will kill her! I would like to see if this b*tch dares to resist!”


After saying those words, Cao Yueqin pulled the sword out from a guard’s hand and furiously stormed toward the maidservant.

“B*tch, since you want to vent the anger of Jun Ling’er, who has been freeloading off of the Jun Family, then I will kill you and make you understand who is your master!”

The maidservant was deathly pale from terror and closed her eyes.

“Stop!” Jun Xuan grew furious and was about to go up to stop her when a white figure darted before the maidservant and raised her leg, sending Cao Yueqin flying back with a bang again. The sword in Cao Yueqin’s hands clattered to the ground.

Cao Yueqin spat out a mouthful of blood, fire shooting from her eyes. “I haven’t sought retribution from you yet, but you dare to hit me again! Who do you think you are? You are nothing but my grandfather’s god-granddaughter! I am the true miss of the Jun Family! You are staying at my home but you dare to hurt me?”

The girl’s white robe fluttered in the breeze and a smile was on her exceptional face. However, her smile was eerie and chilly, causing people to shiver from the bottom of their heart.

“I’m merely disciplining you for Grandfather Jun.”

For Grandfather Jun?

Jun Ling’er was startled and looked up at Yun Luofeng with astonishment. She had been curious from the start about why someone like Yun Luofeng would settle accounts with Cao Yueqin on her behalf. It turned out she was doing it for Grandfather…

However, besides recognizing her as his granddaughter, Grandfather had not helped her with anything else, so why did she hold Grandfather in such esteem?

Suddenly, Jun Ling’er recalled something, and realization dawned on her.

That’s right. Initially, Grandfather thought she was dead and invaded the Poison Valley to avenge her! Although the Poison Valley was not a match for Grandfather, the Poison Valley was still a power from Central Province.

Sister Jun did not know the relationship between the Governor’s Estate of Central Province and Grandfather, so she must think Grandfather offended a power from Central Province for her. This was why she would stand forward and protect her at a time like this.

Jun Ling’er was moved, but more than that, she was saddened. Why wasn’t such a perfect Sister Yun Grandfather’s granddaughter? Why did it have to be the darn Cao Yueqin?

“Hoho!” Cao Yueqin snorted and sneered with ridicule, “An outsider like you dares to say you are disciplining me for my grandfather? I wonder what gave you the courage to say something like that.”


Right after Cao Yueqin stood up, Yun Luofeng flashed in front of Cao Yueqin again and a crisp slap reverberated in the garden.

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