Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1522 - Arrogance of a Counterfeit (5)

Chapter 1522: Arrogance of a Counterfeit (5)

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Cao Yueqin snorted with contempt. “How can a god-granddaughter compare with a biological granddaughter? Also, do you know how I lived during these years in the outside world? My mother died after giving birth to me. If my adoptive mother didn’t take me in, I wouldn’t have survived! However, my adoptive father’s family background is weak, so do you know how much ridicule I received? Yet, someone illegitimate like Jun Ling’er occupied my spot and enjoyed my affections!”

“What did you say?” Eldest Elder’s originally impatient expression turned furious. “You said Old Family Head’s daughter is already dead? Who? Who killed a member of my Jun Family?”

Cao Yueqin humphed. “If it weren’t for Grandfather Jun abandoning my mother and causing her to not have enough money to treat her illness, she wouldn’t have passed away after giving birth to me.”

Her words portrayed herself in a very tragic light. Eldest Elder was originally dissatisfied with her but had turned sympathetic to her plight. No wonder she had such a large unfavorable impression of the Jun Family and Jun Ling’er. It was because she suffered through all sorts of misfortune outside and everything was caused by the Jun Family.

“Ling’er…” Eldest Elder turned to Jun Ling’er, hesitation in his speech.

Jun Ling’er tightly clutched her fists, disbelief clear in her eyes. “Eldest Elder, you want to make me apologize?”

“Ling’er, our Jun Family… has caused her to suffer an abundance of tribulations. Consider this apology to be on behalf of the Jun Family for abandoning her mother and her for so many years.”

Eldest Elder turned away, not daring to look at Jun Ling’er’s dejected eyes in fear of turning soft.

Jun Ling’er closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “I understand.”

Her sight slowly landed on Cao Yueqin’s gloating face. She had to use all of her willpower to suppress the desire to throw a punch at her.

“I’m sorry.” She tightly bit her lips, her face turning pale. “Will this do?”

Cao Yueqin’s face was taken over by a self-pleased smile. “Jun Ling’er, you must remember, I am the rightful miss of the Jun Family. Everything that I do, your Jun Family owes me!”

Jin Ling’er did not respond. She swiftly walked around Cao Yueqin and headed towards the East Court. At that moment, her tears could not be held back any longer and streamed down unbidden, splashing into the air.

Watching Jun Ling’er’s disappearing silhouette, pain seized the first elder’s heart. He took a sharp breath and turned to darkly look at Cao Yueqin.

“Old Family Head has always doted on Ling’er and raised her with him since she was young, so don’t go too far. Otherwise, even if the Jun Family owes you, us elders will still kick you out!”

Cao Yueqin snorted without care and walked past the Eldest Elder with swaying hips, without gracing him with a single glance.


Inside the room, Yun Luofeng was sitting beside a table and reading a book. When the room’s door was pushed open, she looked up and saw the tearful Jun Ling’er entering.

“Wah!” Unable to hold it back, Jun Ling’er burst into loud sobs, wanting to relieve herself of all of the grievances that she suffered today.

Yun Luofeng put down the book in her hand and asked with raised brows, “What happened?”

“Sister Yun!” Jun Ling’er sobbingly responded, “Is having the bloodline of the Jun Family truly that important? It was obviously not my fault, but why am I forced to apologize? If that woman didn’t ridicule my mother, I wouldn’t want to hit her!”

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