Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1521 - Arrogance of a Counterfeit (4)

Chapter 1521: Arrogance of a Counterfeit (4)

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“Humph!” Cao Yueqin snorted coldly with a disdainful look on her face. “You bumped into me. Shouldn’t I teach you a lesson?”

“You…” Jun Ling’er trembled with anger. However, thinking of Jun Xuan’s words, she tried to calm down, though she was already furious. “I didn’t mean it. I bumped into you, but you also bumped into me!”

Not expecting that Jun Ling’er dared to refute her, Cao Yueqin was surprised and then shouted angrily, “I am the heiress to the Jun Family. Who are you? You have no Jun Family’s blood in you! The Jun Family raised you up, but you aren’t grateful at all! How dare you speak to me like this! I have suffered so many years and finally returned to the Jun Family. Why am I still bullied by the ungrateful child of a b*tch?”

With that, Cao Yueqin cried out loud as if she was greatly wronged. If Jun Ling’er was Grandfather Jun’s biological granddaughter, Cao Yueqin wouldn’t dare humiliate her like this. But Jun Ling’s father was only Grandfather Jun’s disciple, so she dared act so presumptuously! She believed that in Grandfather Jun’s mind, an outsider would be no match for her, his own blood and flesh. Even if Grandfather Jun was here, he would certainly stand by her side.

“Don’t you dare abuse my mother!” Jun Ling’er furiously raised her legs and kicked at Cao Yueqin.

If Cao Yueqin only scolded her, perhaps she would bear it and go away. But she cursed her mother. How could she put up with it?

“Miss Ling’er!”

Just before Jun Ling’er’s leg hit Cao Yueqin’s chest, someone shouted and firmly grabbed her leg.

“First Elder, let me go! I’m going to teach this woman a lesson!” Jun Ling’er’s eyes turned red and were burning with raging flames.

“Ling’er,” Sweat ran down from the old man’s forehead and he said anxiously, “After all, she is Old Master’s granddaughter. No matter how wrong she was, you shouldn’t beat her.”

In fact, since Jun Ling’er was the only child in the Jun Family, the elders all adored her. Besides, she was an amiable and lively girl, so the elders doted on her.


No matter how much he liked Jun Ling’er, he couldn’t let her beat Cao Yueqin.

“Ling’er, have you forgotten how Old Master missed his lost daughter all these years? Do you want to make him sad?” First Elder said earnestly and his eyes were sad.

Jun Ling’er’s eyes grew redder, and tears came to her eyes. “But she just insulted my mother as a b*tch.”

First Elder paused and frowned. He disliked Cao Yueqin even more. Even though Master was not Grandfather Jun’s biological son, he was still Master of the Jun Family. But she was so arrogant as to insult Master’s wife.

“Ling’er,” First Elder sighed, “though I want to stand by your side, we have to consider Cao Yueqin’s identity. I can’t help it. Let’s just forget about it, alright?”

Jun Ling’s body froze. Her mother was humiliated, but she had to forget about it?

“No, no way!” Cao Yueqin jumped out from behind First Elder, held her head high and looked down haughtily at Jun Ling’er, “This woman bumped into me and tried to beat me. She must apologize to me!”

“Miss Cao!” First Elder looked sullen, “Don’t go too far. Ling’er is also a granddaughter of Old Master. He raised her up and has a deep affection for her.”

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