Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1520 - Arrogance of a Counterfeit (3)

Chapter 1520: Arrogance of a Counterfeit (3)

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“Sister Yun, Let me take you to your room.”

Saying this, she whispered in Yun Luofeng’s ear, “Just now, maids took Cao Yueqin to the West Garden, so I’ll arrange you a room in the East Garden. I can tell that you don’t like Cao Yueqin, so I guess you want to stay far away from her.”

Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly, but her voice was languid, “Let’s go.”

When Jun Ling’er took Yun Luofeng to her room, the battle in the city was almost over. Suddenly, a maid rushed in and reported, “Miss, Master asks you to go to the study.”

“Dad wants me to see him?” Jun Ling pursed her lips, “I guess he wants to ask me about my grandfather’s whereabouts. Since Sister Yun is here, Grandpa will come back soon.”

She still remembered how Grandfather Jun took the lead in rushing into the Poison Valley and killing everyone he saw because he thought Yun Luofeng was killed by them. He was grieved by her death for many years. If he found out that she was still alive, he would surely come back to meet her…

Thinking of this, Jun Ling’er walked quickly towards the study.

Inside the study, a middle-aged man stood in the sunshine, his hands clasped behind his back. When he heard the door open, he slowly turned around and lovingly looked at the girl walking in.

“Ling’er, you’ve come?” The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows, “I’ve received the news that your grandfather is on his way to the Jun Family and he will be back in a few days.”

“Grandpa will be back?” Jun Ling was glad to hear the news, and a gleam of joy flickered across her eyes, “Dad, since you’ve heard that Grandpa is coming back, why did you call me here?”

Jun Xuan gave a wry smile, “Ling’er, I know you don’t like Cao Yueqin, but she is your grandfather’s biological granddaughter. Even though you don’t like her, you can’t provoke her.”

“Dad, Mom said it’s not certain whether she is really Grandpa’s granddaughter or not,” Jun Ling’er pouted, “and I really dislike her!”

Jun Xuan raised his hand and stroked Jun Ling’s head, sighing helplessly. “According to the people of the Green Thunder Clan, Cao Yueqin is probably your grandpa’s granddaughter. Besides, even though we aren’t sure of her identity, we can’t be rude to her.”

Jun Ling’er hung her head and said in an aggrieved tone, “I prefer Sister Yun to Cao Yueqin. I wish she was Grandpa’s granddaughter.”

“It’s not only you. I also think Miss Yun is a very nice person. Otherwise, your grandfather would not use all means to take her as his foster granddaughter,” said Jun Xuan with a bitter smile, shaking his head. “Unfortunately, it’s just our hope. After all, she is not a descendant of the Jun Family.”

“I see,” sighed Jun Ling’er. “I won’t provoke her, and if she provokes me, I will… tolerate her.” After saying this, she turned and went out of the study.

Jun Xuan’s heart throbbed. He didn’t want to see his daughter being so aggrieved! However, Master treated him as kindly as his father. He couldn’t make Master sad…

After leaving the study, Jun Ling’er went to the East Garden to find Yun Luofeng. However, when she walked around a corner, she bumped into someone, and she couldn’t help but retreat a few steps.


Cao Yueqin screamed. When she saw that the person in front of her was Jun Ling’er, she lifted her hand in anger and wanted to slap her.

Jun Ling’er scowled and grabbed Cao Yueqin’s arm. Her voice was clear yet cold, “What are you trying to do?”

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