Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1519 - Arrogance of a Counterfeit (2)

Chapter 1519: Arrogance of a Counterfeit (2)

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“Mom,” said Jun Ling’er, supporting the beautiful woman with her hand, “you’re in poor health. Let Yifei help you back to have a rest. I will take care of Miss Yun and… ”

Jun Ling’er paused and turned to Cao Yueqin only to find that her face was filled with disdain, and she frowned. However, thinking of Cao Yueqin’s identity, she could only endure it, no matter how discontented she was with her.

“This Cao… ”

“I am the heiress of the Jun Family. You should call me Miss, but as you are the foster granddaughter of my Grandpa, I will allow you to call me sister.”

Jun Ling’er scowled and her bright eyes were full of anger. She had followed her grandfather for so many years and had never been so angry.

“Ling’er,” the beautiful woman hastily held Ling’s hand, gave her a wink and smiled at Cao Yueqin, “You’ve suffered a lot all these years. I know it’s not easy for you. Now let the maids take you to your room to have a rest.”

She asked maids instead of her daughter to take Cao Yueqin to her room. This showed that Cao Yueqin and Yun Luofeng had very different statuses in her mind. Had Cao Yueqin not been Grandfather Jun’s granddaughter, she wouldn’t have been so polite to her!

However, Cao Yueqin didn’t notice the different attitudes with which the beautiful woman treated her and Yun Luofeng and still lifted her chin like a proud peacock.

Watching the maids leading Cao Yueqin away, Jun Ling’er stomped angrily, “Mom, why does Grandpa have such a granddaughter?” She preferred Yun Luofeng to Cao Yueqin…

The beautiful woman gently smiled, “Only when your grandpa comes back can we confirm whether she is really a descendant of the Jun Family. For now, let’s just satisfy her demands.”

“Mom, you mean…” Jun Ling blinked, and a bright smile appeared on her cute little face.

“We haven’t seen the jade pendant after all, right? How can we be sure that she is really your grandpa’s granddaughter just because the Green Thunder Clan said she was? Anyway, I only trust your grandfather. Let’s wait for him to come back.”

Jun Ling gave a beautiful smile, and her eyes were as clear as springs. “Mom, I hope that Cao Yueqin is not Grandpa’s granddaughter.”

If she wasn’t mistaken, when Yifei saved Cao Yueqin, she looked at him coyly and almost threw herself on him. The more Jun Ling’er thought of it, the angrier she was. She could not help glaring at Hua Yifei.

Not knowing what he did wrong, Hua Yifei was confused. He was afraid that Jun Ling’er might be angry with him, so he hurriedly held the beautiful woman’s hand and said softly, “Aunt, let me help you back to your room.”

Glancing at the two, the beautiful woman wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything and just smiled demurely, “Ok, thank you, Yifei.”

After they left, Jun Ling’er affectionately took Yun Luofeng’s arm and gave her a bright smile.

“Though I just met you for the second time, I think I really like you. May I call you Sister Yun?”

Yun Luofeng raised her eyes only to see a pair of eyes that were as clear as water.

The girl in front of her was as lively as an elf in the forest and as simple as a piece of white paper.


She was not an unapproachable, cold-hearted person. If she felt good about someone, she didn’t mind making friends with that person. However, she had very few real friends, and there were only several of them on this continent…

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