Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1518 - Arrogance of a Counterfeit (1)

Chapter 1518: Arrogance of a Counterfeit (1)

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Yun Luofeng turned a deaf ear to him and stepped down from the sky on the breeze. The sky was far away from the ground. However, in the crowd's eyes, it seemed like it took her only a few steps to be in front of Jun Ling'er.

Perhaps because they hadn't seen each other for a long time, Jun Ling'er was very happy, and even she didn't know why she felt close to her since she met Yun Luofeng for the first time…

There was something in the girl that attracted her.

"Miss Yun," said Jun Xuan, who also ignored the furious elder and looked at Yun Luofeng with a smile, "you are our guest. Let Ling'er take you to rest. We'll take care of the things here."

Yun Luofeng slightly nodded. She had no intention to get involved in the Jun Family's affairs. However, she could not let Jun Xuan die here, because she wanted to find out the relationship between the Jun Family and Jun Fengling, so she helped him.

"The Green Thunder Clan," said Jun Xuan with a sneer, turning to the elder, "you came to provoke us while my Master is away and then threatened to kill my niece. Now let me settle these accounts with you."

Those strong masters besieging the Jun Family all changed their faces. They never expected this situation.

"Elder, bad news."

Suddenly, an anxious voice came from behind him. A disciple of the Green Thunder Clan staggered in, his face full of panic, "I have just received news that the Wind Fire Sect and many other sects have reached the city gate and are about to enter the city.

"What?" The elder turned pale. Though they couldn't defeat the Jun Family, it would be no problem for them to escape. However, with the presence of the Wind Fire Sect and the other sects, they would be doomed!

"Run!" Clenching his teeth, the elder issued the order and hastily fled towards the city gate. Unfortunately, before he could leave Jun City, numerous figures had appeared in the sky and surrounded him. He had no way to escape!

"Master Jun, I'm sorry I am late, please forgive us, haha." The leading man was a handsome, middle-aged man. His laughter was loud and clear and echoed over Jun City.

The Jun Family had many enemies, but at the same time, Grandfather Jun helped even more people! Hearing that the Jun Family was under attack, they were all out to help the Jun Family.

"You came just in time. Please help me kill these people." Jun Xuan laughed.

"Master Jun, please rest assured, we won't let any of them escape!"


The handsome middle-aged man waved his hand and in an instant, a large number of people rushed out from behind him and launched fierce attacks on the Green Thunder Clan and the other powers. This war was bound to cause untold death and bloodshed, but most of them deserved it…

No matter how intense the war was in the city, Yun Luofeng didn't pay any attention to it and just followed Jun Ling'er into the gate of the Jun Family.

"Ling'er, Yifei."

The beautiful woman standing against the door hurried towards them and tightly held their hands. After checking their bodies, she was relieved. She turned to Yun Luofeng and smiled, "Miss, thank you. You saved my husband."

"It was no trouble." Yun Luofeng smiled mildly and answered in a tone neither humble nor haughty that made people feel comfortable.


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