Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1517 - Two Jade Pendants? (9)

Chapter 1517: Two Jade Pendants? (9)

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The elder also had no time to respond. He felt his hand suddenly loosened and Cao Yueqin, who had been held by him, was snatched away and thrown to the Jun Family people by the vines…

Cao Yueqin screamed in terror. She quickly closed her eyes, but the next second, she felt herself falling into a hug, and she carefully opened her eyes.

A handsome face came into her sight. The man holding her was in a brocade robe and looked genteel and handsome, like the dream lover of most women. The man she once loved was no match for this man. At the thought of this, Cao Yueqin blushed and lowered her head shyly.

However, Hua Yifei, after saving her, put her aside and never looked at her again. His eyes were fixed on Jun Ling’er.

Seeing this, Cao Yueqin gnashed her teeth. She was the biological granddaughter of Grandfather Jun. How could Jun Ling’er be compared with her? When Grandfather Jun saw her, he would surely dote on her out of the guilt and affection for her. At that time, as long as she requested, Grandfather Jun would surely order Jun Ling’er to annul the engagement with him.

Cao Yueqin was in a good mood. She was different now. No one could look down upon her…

In the air, the white-clad woman stood still, and she looked completely unruly and domineering.

“It’s you… “Jun Ling’er was stunned, staring at Yun Luofeng in the air, “I heard that you had…”

…died in the Witchcraft Tribe.

“Ling’er, do you know this girl?”

Jun Xuan was very pleased to see Yun Luofeng save Cao Yueqin. He quickly asked when he heard what she said.

“Dad, this is the genius I told you about.” Jun Ling was relieved, “She is also Grandpa’s foster granddaughter.”

Cao Yueqin slightly frowned. Why did the old man of the Jun Family take another foster granddaughter besides Jun Ling’er? In particular, it seemed that Jun Ling’er was very familiar with her, which upset her a lot.

Wasn’t Jun Ling’er supposed to fawn on her? She was the biological granddaughter of Grandfather Jun! Where did this stupid foster granddaughter come from? How could she become the center of attention upon her appearance?

“Miss Yun, nice to meet you,” Jun Xuan said with a smile and made an obeisance. “Thank you for your help. May I ask why you are visiting us?…”

Yun Luofeng thought for a while and said, “I came to see Grandfather Jun.”

“My Master is not in the Jun Family now. If you’d like, you can wait for him here. I think he’ll come back soon if he knows you have come to visit him.”

Jun Xuan met Yun Luofeng for the first time, but Ling’er had told him about her. From her words, he could tell that Ling’er worshiped and admired her a lot. If she could stay in the Jun Family for some time, maybe Ling’er could learn from her.

“Humph!” The elder coldly snorted, turned his grim eyes to Yun Luofeng and impatiently interrupted them. “Girl, if you dare to help the Jun Family, you are the enemy of our Green Thunder Clan. You’d better think about the consequences.”

“The Green Thunder Clan?” Yun Luofeng smiled indifferently, “Aren’t you the punching bag of the Jun Family? If you can defeat the Jun Family, why did you resort to these underhanded means?”

“You…” The elder trembled all over with anger. He almost succeeded, but this girl ruined his plan and prevented him from taking action. How could he let her get away with this?

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