Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1515 - Two Jade Pendants? (7)

Chapter 1515: Two Jade Pendants? (7)

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Jun Ling'er's heart trembled. She tightly held Jun Xuan's hand and desperately shook her head, "Dad, don't…"

Looking at the elder's old face, Jun Xuan smiled.

"If this girl is really my niece, I'm willing to die for her so as not to make my master sad. Unfortunately, the jade pendant has been destroyed by you. I cannot confirm whether she is really my poor niece." Jun Xuan's eyes sparkled, "So, I can't make any decision until my father returns."

The elder sneered, "Do you think I'll be deceived by your delaying tactics? Now I only give you a chance, cut your throat before my eyes. Otherwise, I will kill this girl!"

He raised his hand and grabbed Cao Yueqin by the collar. Spiritual energy gathered in his hand and with a single strike, Cao Yueqin would die.

"No, I don't want to die. Uncle, help me!" Cao Yueqin cried out anxiously, "I am really your niece. Trust me!"

Seeing that the elder of the Green Thunder was going to kill Cao Yueqin, Jun Xuan hurriedly cried and his face changed, "Stop!"

Sure enough, the elder stopped and glanced at Jun Xuan with a sneer. "What about it? Have you made a decision?"

Jun Xuan took a deep breath and turned his eyes to Jun Ling'er. He raised his hand and stroked the girl's crying face.

"Ling 'er, Master gave me my life. I am willing to die for him."


Ling'er held Jun Xuan tightly and tears filled her face, "I don't want you to die. I don't want you to die!"


Jun Xuan raised his hand and pushed Ling'er away. Hua Yifei immediately stepped forward and hugged Ling 'er's trembling body tightly.

"Okay!" Jun Xuan slowly turned around and looked up at the sinister face of the elder, "I'll do what you asked me to do, but I hope you will keep your promise and let her off."

Even if the Jun Family was annihilated, his niece would survive. Over the years… Master had taken great pains searching for this girl! Now he finally found his niece. How could he let her leave again?

"Yifei, let me go, I can't lose my father!" Ling 'er, struggling in Hua Yifei's arms, looked desperate and sad, "Don't make me… hate you!"

Hua Yifei's heart trembled when he heard she said 'hate you'. Since childhood, Ling'er loved clinging to him, and never said she would hate him!

"Ling'er, this is Uncle's decision. We can't stop him. You will be injured if you step forward."

Hua Yifei's heart ached. How could he watch his uncle die? But they had no other choice…


Seeing that Jun Xuan had walked to the elder, Ling'er screamed herself hoarse.

Cao Yueqin, who looked frightened, had a look of relief and hope on her face. As long as Uncle was willing to die, she would be able to survive.

"Uncle, thank you, I will inherit the Jun Family for you and accompany my grandpa around."

Cao Yueqin's identity hadn't been confirmed by Grandfather Jun, but she was sure that she was his granddaughter. So, she would be the only eligible heiress to the Jun Family! Jun Ling'er wouldn't have any chance! She was just the daughter of Grandfather Jun's disciple. How could she compare with her, the real descendant of the Jun Family?

Even now, Cao Yueqin still couldn't believe that she had transformed from a sparrow to a phoenix and became the heiress to the Jun Family from a nobody…

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