Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1514 - Two Jade Pendants? (6)

Chapter 1514: Two Jade Pendants? (6)

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Jun Xuan’s eyes widened, and his clenched hands kept trembling. His eyes were fierce and ferocious, “Go to hell!”

This jade pendant was the only way to verify the girl’s identity. Now it was crushed to powder by the man. How could he verify her identity?

“You want the jade pendant back? In your dreams! I’ve destroyed the only token. What can you do to me?” The elder sneered and waved, “Come on, bring that woman here!”

In a moment, two guards escorted a woman from behind.

The woman was tied up. She looked pale and glazed. Obviously, she was greatly frightened these days.


The moment she saw the Jun Family people, she cried out loud, “Uncle, help me!”

Hearing that, Jun Xuan felt his heart twitch, “Are… you my master’s granddaughter?”

In fact, as soon as the Green Thunder Clan people brought the green-clad woman here, Jun Xuan believed she was his niece. After all, if they were not sure of it, they wouldn’t dare to bring her here. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the jade pendant clearly…

Of course, if the jade pendant was merely crushed and its powder was still there, he could tell whether the jade pendant was real or not by its texture. However, the powder had been blown away by the wind and scattered all over. It was impossible for him to collect it…

The green-clad woman cried miserably, her face pale, “My mother told me not long ago that I was not her biological daughter, but adopted. Then she gave me this jade pendant and asked me to go to the Jun Family to find my family… ”

In fact, as the news that Grandfather Jun’s granddaughter was on the continent of Seven Provinces was spread, the entire continent had known of her existence, as well as the pattern of the jade pendant…

One day the green-clad woman Cao Yueqin was utterly disappointed because her lover sarcastically told her that she was too lowly. She went back to her mother in anger and asked her why she found such a useless husband and made her beloved man ridicule her.

A few days later, her mother handed her the jade pendant and told her that she was, in fact, Grandfather Jun’s granddaughter.

She was so surprised that she could not help showing off it to the man who ridiculed her. However, she ran into someone of the Green Thunder Clan, who took her away and imprisoned her. From the beginning to the end, Cao Yueqin never doubted the authenticity of the jade pendant. She had forgotten that her mother was a sculptor. Carving a jade pendant according to a pattern was quite easy for her.

The Green Thunder Clan people didn’t expect that, under such circumstances, someone would dare to pretend to be Grandfather Jun’s granddaughter, not to mention that someone could make a fake jade pendant so similar to the real one…

The only difference, presumably, was the texture, but the Green Thunder Clan people didn’t know about the texture of Yun Luofeng’s jade pendant.

As for Jun Xuan… he never touched the jade pendant. How could he tell its authenticity?

“Let her go!”

Jun Xuan had already believed and snapped, “If you dare to touch a hair of hers, there won’t be enough of you left to bury!”

“Haha!” The elder laughed contemptuously, “I spent a lot of time and energy to catch this girl. How can I easily let her go? Unless… you’re willing to cut your throat before my eyes!”

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