Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1513 - Two Jade Pendants? (5)

Chapter 1513: Two Jade Pendants? (5)

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“Don’t worry, Uncle, I’m not going to let anyone touch Ling’er, “Hua Yifei said with great seriousness.

Jun Xuan didn’t want to allow Ling’er to participate in the war, but Ling’er said she wanted to be with the Jun Family dead or alive and insisted coming here with him, refusing his advice. He had no choice but let Hua Yifei protect her.

Fighting the enemies, Hua Yifei looked at Jun Ling’er from time to time. Shocked by her strength, he was a bit relieved.

Ling’er followed Grandfather Jun traveling north and south all these years, so her strength had improved a lot. She was no longer a little girl hiding behind him…

At this moment, Hua Yifei didn’t know whether he was proud or frustrated. In a word, if he didn’t work harder, he would be surpassed by her in the future.

“Yifei, take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me,” said Ling ‘er, wiping the spattered blood from her face. Her voice was as clear and sweet as a nightingale, “I won’t make my grandpa lose face.”

As the Jun Family’s descendant, how could she be weak? She was cultivated by Grandfather Jun. If she couldn’t defeat these people, wouldn’t it be a disgrace to Grandfather Jun?

Hua Yifei nodded. Ling’er’s strength had really improved a lot. So he was relieved and began to focus on fighting the enemy in front of him…

“I didn’t expect Jun Xuan’s strength was not bad.”

An elder of the Green Thunder Clan said coldly, and a grim light flickered across his eyes, “If things keep going like this, it will be unfavorable for us. After all, though the Jun Family has many enemies, it also has many friends. If those people come to help them, I’m afraid they’ll kill us all.”

With the thought of this, the elder blinked, retreated a few steps and said with a sneer, “Jun Xuan, I heard that your Jun Family found Jun Lingtian’s granddaughter some time ago?”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Jun Xuan said sarcastically.

“The granddaughter of your Jun Family, of course, has nothing to do with me, but unfortunately, that girl is in our hands.”


Jun Xuan was shocked by the news. He didn’t even notice the attack striking against him. With a thud, he was hit. He retreated a few steps and vomited a mouthful of blood.



Jun Ling’er and Hua Yifei both changed their faces. They rushed to Jun Xuan and helped him up.

“Dad, are you all right?” Jun Ling’er was so worried that she almost cried. She nervously looked at Jun Xuan with red eyes.

If it was before, Jun Xuan would never let his daughter cry, but now he didn’t even pay attention to her. He unblinkingly stared at the elder, his eyes red.

“What did you say? My poor niece is in your hands?”

The elder of the Green Thunder Clan uttered a sneer, “Yes, I’ve already checked the jade pendant she holds. It really belongs to your Jun Family.”

“Give me the jade pendant. Give it to me!” Jun Xuan slowly straightened up and clenched his fists, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Jade pendant?” The elder gave a sneer. With a wave of his hand, a piece of jade pendant appeared in his hand.

Jun Xuan only saw the word “Jun” engraved on the jade pendant from a distance, but he couldn’t see it clearly. He quickly rushed to him and tried to grab the jade pendant from his hand.


The elder suddenly squeezed the jade pendant hard, and it immediately turned into jade powder and floated in the air.

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