Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1512 - Two Jade Pendants? (4)

Chapter 1512: Two Jade Pendants? (4)

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“Master, if you don’t know the authenticity of the jade pendant you hold, you can go to the Jun Family and wait for Grandfather Jun to return. He will tell you which one is real.”

“Yes, perhaps this is the only way,” Yun Luofeng said, putting away the jade pendant, “but, just in case, I can’t show the jade pendant to others. If this jade pendant isn’t from the Jun Family it will cause me trouble.”

Xiao Mo nodded. Hong Ling was just an outsider, so they couldn’t be sure that this jade pendant was from the Jun Family just because there was a ‘Jun’ inscribed on it. Besides, there was another woman holding a jade pendant. Even Yun Luofeng was not sure whether her jade pendant was really related to the Jun Family.

If it was not, wasn’t it embarrassing?

“Master, let’s go to the Jun Family now and wait for Grandfather Jun to come back. He will tell us whether that woman is really his granddaughter. If she is, we can leave. If she is not, you can show him the jade pendant”

This was the safest way. Yun Luofeng no longer hesitated, and quickly set off for the Jun Family…

The Jun Family.

Jun Xuan coldly stared at the strong masters who stood in the sky and surrounded the Jun Family, his face somber. Behind him stood all strong masters of the Jun Family, confronting the people in the sky.

Ling’er stood behind her father in silence with a touch of anxiety on her pretty little face. She looked at the sky from time to time, with a worried gleam in her bright eyes. Why hasn’t Grandpa come back yet? If he doesn’t come back, maybe the Jun Family won’t be able to survive…

“Ling’er, it’s alright,” said a handsome man standing next to her, tightly holding Jun Ling’s hand and giving her a reassuring smile. “Believe in Uncle’s ability. I believe we’ll get through this.”

Jun Ling’er nodded and her eyes remained worried. “Yifei, if we’re going to lose, just leave with your mother. I will be with the Jun Family dead or alive!”

This Jun Family was created by Grandpa, and she would never leave here.

“Ling’er, don’t be silly, I will never leave you behind! I believe Aunt is the same… ”

Hua Yifei looked affectionately at Jun Ling’er, and his eyes were filled with love for her. As the nephew of Jun Ling’s mother, he had been in love with Ling’er since childhood. Just in a few years, he would marry her. But no one expected that this would happen…


In the sky, someone was guffawing. He laughed very arrogantly as if he didn’t take the powerful Jun Family seriously.

“Jun Xuan, Old Jun is not here. I’d like to see how you get through this!”

Jun Xuan sneered, “Even though my father isn’t here, so what? As the Master of the Jun Family, I will not let you damage the Jun Family in any way!” His voice was loud and strong.

“Humph, I’d like to see how long you can persist. Come on, let’s kill the b*stards of the Jun Family!” The man gave a sneer and headed towards Jun Xuan.

A war was going to break out. On the streets of Jun City, the residents all rushed home. They didn’t dare to even look at those people for fear that they would be injured by them.

“Yifei, please take care of Ling’er for me. Protect her when we begin to fight with them,” said Jun Xuan in a low voice, looking at the enemy rushing at him.

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