Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1508 - She Was Still Alive (5)

Chapter 1508: She Was Still Alive (5)

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Grandfather Jun’s face immediately changed, and he said angrily, “What the heck do you know? Do you know how I got through these years? How I wished that girl was still alive. But unfortunately, no news I heard brought me any hope. Now, I finally have some hope, so I will never give it up!”

Mu Dong sighed, “Are you going back to the Spirit Province?”

“Yes, I’m going back to verify the news.”

“You really should go back. The Jun Family is in trouble. Those who had been bullied by you are trying to get even with you.”

Grandfather Jun got up from his chair and sneered, “I’ll go back and visit those powers one by one! I just lived in seclusion these years. Do they think I am dead? I’ll make them pay for what they did!”

In fact, thanks to Grandfather Jun, the Jun Family had the present status. If not for fear of Grandfather Jun, perhaps even weak powers like the Xuanqing Sect would have dared to make trouble for the Jun Family. So, if Grandfather Jun died, the Jun Family would become vulnerable…

“Jun Lingtian, if you need help, let me know and I will go to the Spirit Province to help you…” Mu Dong looked at his old friend and said with great seriousness.

“Thanks for taking me in these years.”

Grandfather Jun patted Mu Dong on the shoulder, “When I find my granddaughter and bring her back, please go to the Jun Family and have a drink with me.”

Mu Dong opened his mouth but finally kept silent. Living with him all these years, he knew how much pain the old man felt. Now he finally had some hope, which was also a good thing for him…

“Okay, then I will go to the Jun Family and have a drink with you.”

In a small town, the pedestrians couldn’t help but glance at a girl in the middle of the road, and they were all stunned at her beauty.

It was a girl in a yellow robe who looked young but noble. With her long black hair fluttering in the breeze, she was as beautiful as an elf.

“Hey, have you heard that the Xuanqing Sect of the Spirit Province was annihilated some time ago?”

People were discussing the latest news. Hearing this, the pedestrians who were looking at the girl all turned their eyes to the speaker.

A man next to him asked, “The Xuanqing Sect? I heard their Master is a sage-lord level spirit cultivator. Who on earth was so powerful as to annihilate it?”

Their conversation had nothing to do with the girl in yellow, who didn’t even turn her head. But at the next moment, she suddenly stopped…

“It’s not a secret on the continent, but the town we live in is a bit isolated, so I only heard about it recently. It’s said that the Xuanqing Sect was annihilated by a woman named Yun Luofeng.”


No sooner had the young man said this than he saw the beautiful girl in yellow suddenly appear before him. She looked very excited, grabbed him by the collar and asked anxiously, “Yun Luofeng? Did you just say that the person who annihilated the Xuanqing Sect was named Yun Luofeng?”

Was Yun Luofeng… still alive?

Huang Yingying’s lips were trembling and tears almost burst out of her eyes, but she tried to hold them back…

The young man was stunned, “I just heard about it. A survivor of the Xuanqing Sect said it. I don’t know about the details…”

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