Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1501 - End of the Xuanqing Sect (13)

Chapter 1501: End of the Xuanqing Sect (13)

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Yun Yi and the young man who was considered as the younger brother of Yun Luofeng by him were already sage god-level advanced-rank spirit cultivators…

Of course, with these alone, Su Jun was already scared out of his wits, and then the next scene almost made him kneel down. Countless gold-seeking hamsters appeared from nowhere and flocked to the maids of the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

Normally, such a grand scene must be chaotic, but these gold-seeking hamsters seemed to be well trained. Under the command of their two leaders they moved in an orderly manner, pounced on the Saintly Virgin Tribe maids, and bit them.

One leader was a handsome young man, and the other was a middle-aged beautiful woman who wore a crown on her head and looked noble and dignified. Behind the handsome young man there stood a sweet girl, with a sweet smile on her face. Her cheeks dimpled as she smiled, and she was gazing affectionately at the young man in front of her. But if you thought this girl was harmless because she looked innocent and sweet, you were absolutely wrong.

A Xuanqing Sect disciple pounced on the girl only to be eaten alive by her!

“Mengmeng, these things taste yucky.” The young man turned his head and frowned when he found the girl was gnawing at the disciple’s body. “If you are hungry I will ask Master to give you a spirit herb. Don’t eat these things or else you will have diarrhea. You can just kill him.”

The sweet girl blinked and nodded. Then she bit the disciple on the neck, killing him, and threw his body down. “Milk Tea, like this?” The girl’s smile was still sweet and she looked innocent, if you ignored the blood on her mouth…

The young man looked back again only to see that the girl stuck out her pink tongue and licked the blood on her lips. At this moment, she looked so alluring…

“Cough!” The hamster queen coughed in embarrassment when she saw Milk Tea staring lasciviously at Mengmeng, and she said with a smile, “We’d better solve these people first, and then go help Master.”

Her words broke Milk Tea’s reverie. He raised his hand and hit the enemy in front of him, and his eyes became ferocious and cruel.

Yes, the Saintly Virgin Tribe was powerful, but so what? Anyone who bullied Master must die!

Compared with the hamsters, Yun Luofeng was apparently not as at ease as them. Qin Yue was very strong. Even in the Saintly Virgin Tribe, Qin Yue ranked among the best! Even with the help of Chacha and Huohuo, Yun Luofeng still couldn’t injure her…

“Master, this isn’t working. We must find a way to solve her.” Huohuo backed up a few steps and frowned with a touch of anxiety on her pink little face.

Indeed, Qin Yue was a sage-lord level intermediate rank spirit cultivator. At this level she was far more powerful than them. They could only protect Yun Luofeng from being injured, but couldn’t solve Qin Yue.

Of course, Qin Yue had a hard time too. In the beginning, she thought she could easily solve Yun Luofeng, but to her surprise, she couldn’t injure her after such a long time! As Qin Yue felt more and more anxious, her face darkened. If things kept going like this, they would get the upper hand…

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