Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1499 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (11)

Chapter 1499: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (11)

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A resplendent smile spread on Little Tree’s adorable face. “Mother, leave them to me.”


In an instant, countless vines extended from Little Tree’s body and in no time, long vines had twined around those white-robed guards and tightly bound their bodies until they couldn’t breathe.

Su Jun was shocked, never expecting that the little boy alongside Yun Luofeng so powerful…

“Treant?” Qin Yue was somewhat surprised. “To think that you’re actually a treant.”

Treants were different from spirit beasts. A treant required many years of cultivation to have their own wisdom. In particular, treants that could transform into humans were one in ten thousand.

The Saintly Virgin Tribe’s life tree was powerful, but even after she transformed into a human form, she was restricted to be inside the tree body, not like Little Tree who could walk around in the outside world. Therefore, the instant she saw Little Tree, greed surfaced in her eyes.

“Stop!” Qin Yue waved her hands, stopping the guards that were rushing towards Yun Luofeng and coldly said, “You’re neither human nor spirit beast, but a tree that can transform into a human. Am I right?”

Little Tree snorted, and clearly, he did not have a good impression towards this woman.

“Why don’t you follow me?” Qin Yue tried revealing a smile to her greatest extent but her tone was still overbearing and unyielding. “Only by following the Saintly Virgin Tribe will your real abilities be brought out.”

Her words implied that she considered Little Tree like a precious treasure that was being misused by having fallen into Yun Luofeng’s hands.

“Auntie, you’re very ugly so why should I follow you?” Little Tree revealed an innocent and naive smile, while his puerile voice sounded.

Qin Yue’s expression suddenly changed and a chilly glint streaked across her eyes. “Hmph! What if I must obtain you today?”

She was the number one beauty of the Saintly Virgin Tribe, yet this little kid actually dared to claim that she was ugly? How could she swallow this anger?

“Then it’ll depend on whether you have the ability!” Little Tree’s smile was still resplendent as if talking about something unimportant.

“If you were a spirit beast or a human, I would really have no means of subduing you. However…” Qin Yue smiled, and her smile wasn’t proud like before. What replaced it was confidence and the determination to win. “You’re only a treant.”

Other than the life tree, there were countless other trees within the Saintly Virgin Tribe and all these treants were proud and lofty, unwilling to serve them. Even so, being able to subdue those treants, how could the tribe not have a card up their sleeves?

After saying this, Qin Yue fished out a green-colored whip. This long whip was woven using tree vines and radiated a faint powerful aura.

Little Tree’s innocent expression turned pale the moment he saw the long whip Qin Yue took out, while his puerile voice contained fury and killing intent.

“Where did you obtain that whip?!”

This was the first time Yun Luofeng saw Little Tree acting like that, and was somewhat shocked as she looked back at the little boy’s furious face.

Little Tree tightly clenched his fist while trembling. As Qin Yue hadn’t replied to him, he raised his voice and questioned sternly, “Tell me, exactly where did you obtain this whip from?!”

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