Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1498 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (10)

Chapter 1498: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (10)

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Su Jun revealed a smug smile, but being afraid that the Saintly Virgin Tribe would notice his gloating, he hastily exercised restraint and anxiously said, “What do you mean unable to come out? I know, you must’ve done something bad to Xiao Bai!”

Yun Luofeng chilly eyes shot at Su Jun, causing him to tremble from an internal chill.

Qin Yue frowned, looking at Yun Luofeng with a cool eye. “I hope you’ll let my tribe’s successor appear at once. Otherwise, I will believe in Su Jun’s words, thinking that you’ve harmed my tribe’s successor.”

Actually, it was as simple as letting Xiao Bai appear. However, Xiao Bai was still unconscious and instead of having her appear in that state, it was better off for her not to come out.

“I’ve said that she’s unable to come out for the time being. If you have patience, you can wait a little longer. If not, I can’t help it.”

Even facing the Saintly Virgin Tribe, Yun Luofeng’s gaze still contained arrogance, yet causing the opponent’s expression to darken.

All these years, Qin Yue had never seen someone who dared to be arrogant before her, yet this woman actually disregarded the Saintly Virgin Tribe?

“If you don’t release my tribe’s successor, don’t blame me for being impolite!” A cold glint streaked across the white-robed lady’s eyes and she coldly commanded, “Take her down!”


Having heard her command, those white-robed bodyguards surrounded Yun Luofeng in succession, encircling her in the middle.

Under their encirclement, Yun Luofeng slightly frowned. Holding on to Little Tree’s petite hands, there was no fear in her eyes.

“Master, don’t clash head-on with the Saintly Virgin Tribe, you’ll lose!”

Within her soul, Bixiao’s anxious voice sounded, “Although Lord Little Tree is powerful, they have a treasure that can restrain treants. Otherwise, the Saintly Virgin Tribe wouldn’t have been renowned for having methods to deal with treants!”

Yun Luofeng’s heart slowly sank.

“Master…” Witnessing Yun Luofeng not heeding her advice, Bixiao stomped her feet in anger. “Leave here temporarily and bear it for now. After Lord Xiao Bai awakens, we can explain the situation to the tribe.”

Bixiao not speaking from the start was because she was shocked into silence by Su Jun. She never knew that a human could be so sinister and crafty, to actually claim that they were mutually in love and that her master killed Lord Xiao Bai.

Lin Ruobai clearly consumed the soul fruit and so lost consciousness. However, even if Xiao Bai were to appear, they wouldn’t believe that she was unconscious because of the soul fruit, and think that Yun Luofeng had done something to harm her. After the soul fruit was consumed, there were no other unusual symptoms other than being in a deep sleep. There were no godly physicians in the Saintly Virgin Tribe and so, they were even more unable to determine Xiao Bai’s condition.

Huohuo was also anxious as she hastily asked, “Bixiao, can you lend Master a hand?”

Bixiao shook her head bitterly. “I’m unable to leave this place, or else I could’ve explained this to the Saintly Virgin Tribe.”

If not so, why would she be so anxious?

Hearing Bixiao’s words, Yun Luofeng swept her glance towards the Saintly Virgin Tribe and became incomparably solemn. As the time limit was up, her dragon-scale armor had disappeared. If she wanted to continue calling upon the armor, she could only wait for the spirit energy in the God Code World to recover. However…

Looking at the numerous white-robed bodyguards in the skies, Yun Luofeng

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