Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1497 - Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (9)

Chapter 1497: Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (9)

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Different from the servant maid behind her, she was divinely gorgeous, an immortal that placed herself above the common populace while loftily standing in the air.

“Lord Qin Yue!” Su Jun emotionally shouted, nearly dancing and gesticulating for joy. He evilly glared towards Yun Luofeng and a complacent smile surfaced. “The Saintly Virgin Tribe has arrived. Now, I’d like to see how you continue being rampant!”

Qin Yue expressionlessly descended from the skies. Her white robes were very long, to the extent of trailing on the ground. Her fine black hair was as if a waterfall, ending at her waist level.

“Seems like I’ve come at the wrong time.” Numerous corpses and blood filled her vision, and her sharp brows faintly lifted. Impatience could be seen through her arrogant eyes. “Su Jun, I came with orders from the tribe master to obtain an explanation from you and find out exactly who abducted my tribe’s successor.”

Su Jun’s expression was filled with emotion. He fiercely glared towards Yun Luofeng. “It’s this woman, she abducted Xiao Bai and used her status as her master to force Xiao Bai to marry someone that she doesn’t love. Lord Qin Yue, you have to save Xiao Bai.”

Hearing Su Jun addressing Lin Ruobai intimately, her brow furrowed even tighter while a trace of impatience streaked across her eyes. “You say she abducted my tribe’s successor?” Her beautiful eyes glanced at Yun Luofeng, slightly lifted her chin, and displayed the arrogance that the tribeswomen possessed.

“Su Jun, recount the specific details so that I can make a decision.”

“This was what happened.” Su Jun took in a deep breath and complied. “That day, I encountered Xiao Bai in danger and rescued her. At that time, I was puzzled as to why she would appear in such a dangerous place alone. After that, she told me that her master abandoned her in the forest, with the intention to feed her to wild wolves and leopards!”

Su Jun wickedly said, “To think there was such a ruthless master in this world! Seeing Xiao Bai without any accommodation, I took her in. However, good things don’t last forever and this wretched master actually came looking for her. I don’t know how she knew about Xiao Bai’s relationship with the Saintly Virgin Tribe, but she unhesitatingly forced Xiao Bai to marry someone she didn’t love!”

“Lord Qin Yue, within this year, Xiao Bai and I have mutually fallen in love and she mentioned she would rather die than marry a man other than me. In addition, I suspect that Xiao Bai has met with an accident.” Su Jun wiped his tears. “If something really happened to her, I’ll never let the person who injured her off, even if I were to die!”

His explanation was so full of affection and sentiment that even Su Jun himself was touched. He believed that there was no reason Qin Yue wouldn’t be touched. Therefore, peeking at Qin Yue from the corner of his eyes, he discovered that she was as cold as before.

“Lord Qin Yue…” he apprehensively called.

Qin Yue did not speak, but her lofty beautiful eyes were fixed on the young lady who had her hands crossed that was standing before her. Her voice was ice-cold, without a trace of warmth. “Where is my tribe’s successor? Is what Su Jun says the truth?”

For the Saintly Virgin Tribe to exist until today, they would never hear a one-sided statement. Therefore, the top priority was to locate Lin Ruobai and obtain the truth from her.

If it was as Su Jun had claimed, and this woman truly treated their successor as such, she would never let her off!

“She’s unable to come out.” Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment and slowly spoke.

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