Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1494 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (6)

Chapter 1494: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (6)

Translator: DRZ  Editor: Rock

“Haha.” The middle-aged man’s dark expression instantly became bright after hearing his son’s confident voice.

“Since you’re confident, then I’m at ease.” While speaking, his expression once again darkened. “As for your little brother’s debt… I will certainly repay it!” He said the last few words with his teeth clenched and his fury towards Yun Luofeng could be seen.

“Sect Master, something terrible has happened!”

Just then, a Xuanqing Sect disciple rushed in staggering and fell on the ground. Before he could stand up, he hastily said, “Someone murdered their way into the Sect and has killed numerous disciples!”

“What?!” The middle-aged man was furiously agitated. Slamming his hands against the wall, a hole instantly appeared.

His expression was malevolent, with fury in his eyes. “Who is so courageous to cause trouble in my Xuanqing Sect? Men, immediately follow me to kill that intruder!”

After saying this, the middle-aged man’s figure turned into a hurricane and rushed out the door.

At this moment, blood had formed a river in the Xuanqing Sect, with countless disciples fallen into the pool of blood, dead but with their eyes open.

Even so, there were still many disciples who dashed forwards, intending to kill this intruder. Encircled among them was a robust man. His muscles were well-defined and he was expressionless, just like a machine who only knew to kill without the slightest feelings.

However, Su Jun saw the white-robed lady standing beside the robust man at a glance. Her appearance was outstanding, with robes purer than snow and her black hair flying with the wind. No one could imagine anyone more beautiful than her! In her hands was a little child with an appearance like carved jade. Even though this child was still young, a trace of wickedness could be seen in his eyes.

“Father, that is the woman who snatched Xiao Bai and killed Luochen,” Su Jun gnashed his teeth in anger and said.

After he spoke, Yun Luofeng who was spectating the battle suddenly turned his way, and her wicked and unrestrained eyes coldly fell on him.

“Imprudent!” The middle-aged man furiously shouted and his aura was completely unleashed. In an instant, he attacked towards Yun Luofeng with killing intent revealed in his eyes. “You killed my son and I’ll make you pay with your life!”

Witnessing his father rushing over, Su Jun revealed a smug smile.

No matter how powerful Yun Luofeng’s bodyguard was, his own father was at the realm of a sage-lord level, yet these people actually dared to kill into Xuanqing Sect unaccompanied. It was evident without a doubt that they would die.

“Yun Yi, step aside!” The young lady’s orders sounded beside Yun Yi’s ears.

Obeying her orders, he retreated to Yun Luofeng’s rear, exposing her slender body to the middle-aged man’s attack.

“Die!” the middle-aged man shouted and his mighty fist approached her, similar to a meteor, filled with endless power.

In everyone’s eyes, this slender woman could never withstand the might of their Sect Master’s punch and she was destined to perish under his strike!


A hurricane surged around her and her cheek was gradually covered by dragon-scales that were incomparably tough. It was similar to an armor crafted with dragon scales, looking impressive and domineering!

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