Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1493 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (5)

Chapter 1493: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (5)

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After hearing Su Jun’s explanation, he became even more aggravated. If it was Su Luochen who told him, perhaps he might be skeptical. However, Su Jun had never lied, and what he said would definitely have happened that day.

He clenched his teeth and asked, “Where is Miss Lin?”

Su Jun’s complexion darkened, and his eyes were filled with sadness and suffering. Looking at his expression, a trace of unease gradually surfaced in his heart.

“Father, Xiao Bai has been controlled by that woman and she used an unknown method to make Xiao Bai become unconscious. Little brother had been killed by that woman in order to save Xiao Bai.”

Su Jun’s expression was filled with sorrow. “She also said that since she is Xiao Bai’s master, her marriage would naturally be decided by her. Even if the person Xiao Bai likes is me, she would never allow Xiao Bai to make the decision.”

“Presumptuous!” The middle-aged man’s fist fiercely smashed the table while his forehead veins bulged. “Miss Lin’s identity is very honorable and how could her Master make the decision for her? She’s a self-opinionated fool!”

Compared to the death of his son, he was even more furious that someone else dared to decide on Lin Ruobai’s marriage. Lin Ruobai was someone their Sect had to obtain at all costs!

“Jun’er, you’re well aware that the Saintly Virgin Tribe has never had dealings with men from outside and all their women are single for their whole life. However, she’s the successor that the tribe has been searching for. If you could make her fall for you, the tribe would be unable to make decisions for her…”

The middle-aged man sighed. “Thus, I had wanted both of you to foster your relationship and when the conditions were right, success would naturally follow. Then we would inform the tribe about this. Nonetheless, who would’ve expected that an idiot came to intercept when your relationship started to develop?! As such, I can only inform the Saintly Virgin Tribe of this.”

In the Xuanqing Sect’s sect master’s view, Lin Ruobai was his daughter-in-law, so how could he allow others to snatch her? In particular, that woman had selfishly decided Lin Ruobai’s marriage. Shouldn’t she reflect on her status? Was the successor of the tribe someone she could make decisions for?

“Father, don’t worry. Half a month ago, I informed the Saintly Virgin Tribe and I believed they’ve received the news.” A sinister glint streaked across Su Jun’s eyes. “Furthermore, I informed them that in order to let her little brother be married to Lin Ruobai, Yun Luofeng caused Xiao Bai to be unconscious and in imminent peril.”

To be honest, Su Jun did not know of Xiao Mo’s and Yun Luofeng relationship. However, he did not mind casually fabricating an identity. It was sufficient as long as the Saintly Virgin Tribe believed in him.

“Good!” The middle-aged man smirked. “We will leave this to the Saintly Virgin Tribe to handle! I don’t believe that they dare to oppose the tribe!”

Thinking of this, he looked at Su Jun and asked. “If the Saintly Virgin Tribe successfully rescues Miss Lin, do you have the confidence to let her raise the topic of marriage?”

“This…” Su Jun hesitated. If it was in the past, he would definitely be brimming with confidence, thinking that Lin Ruobai would choose him without a doubt. However, recalling the cold attitude Lin Ruobai gave him on Wormwood mountain, it caused his heart to thump.

“Why? You’ve been together for a year and you’re still unable to obtain her heart? I remember you mentioned before that Lin Ruobai had fallen for you.” The middle-aged man’s expression was gloomy as he coldly asked.

Su Jun clenched his teeth, raising his head with determination. “I have confidence in Xiao Bai, and she’ll definitely be my wife!”

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