Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1492 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (4)

Chapter 1492: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (4)

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“Yan Ke, what choice do you think we should make?” Fu Jin hesitated. “The resources in the Land of No Return can’t be compared to the Seven Province continent, but it surpasses it in peacefulness.”

Yan Ke sighed helplessly. “For all these years, how much has our group experienced and suffered? In order to survive, we had to do our utmost in cultivation and I’ve had enough of this life!”

“Since Miss Yun has offered, so what if we head to the Land of No Return? I do not wish to continue staying in the Seven Province continent and I believe we wouldn’t regret joining the Physician Tower.”

Yan Ke had confidence. Although this Physician Tower was in the Land of No Return, this was Yun Luofeng’s faction and someday it would be renowned throughout the Seven Province continent! Naturally, their status would also change with the overall trend.

“Alright, then we’ll set off right now towards the Land of No Return!”

In the skies not far away, the young lady paused and waited for the puppet following behind her. After the puppet caught up with her, she once again headed towards the Xuanqing Sect.

Little Tree blinked and asked with a cute voice, “Mother, you intend to have Yan Ke and company protect the Physician Tower in your stead?”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. “Their strength isn’t considered powerful on the Seven Province continent but they’ll be peak existences in the Land of No Return. With them protecting the Physician Tower and Ye Family, I can expand my faction here at ease.” Therefore, she had agreed for Yan Ke and company to follow her.

“Mother, will they go to the Land of No Return?”

“They will!” Yun Luofeng merely spoke a word yet her face was brimming with confidence and her pair of pitch-black eyes were similar to black gemstones.

Xuanqing Sect.

Inside the hall, the middle-aged man’s family was extremely gloomy and seemed frightened. His palms landed on the table with a slam and he coldly said, “If I hadn’t come out from closed cultivation in advance, how long did you intend to hide it from me? My biological son was killed by others yet no one informed me?”

Everyone was silent without speaking. Facing the furious middle-aged man, they did not dare to utter a single word.

“Father…” Su Jun slowly went up after hesitating for awhile. Just as he called out, he was interrupted by the middle-aged man’s stern and grave voice.

“Luochen was your brother and you looked on unfeelingly at your brother’s death and you dared to keep me in the dark? Is this how I taught you to cherish your brotherly relationship?” The middle-aged man trembled while his face was ashen.

Su Jun’s eyes flickered and the instant he looked up, his eye rims had reddened. With a plop, he knelt before the middle-aged man.

“Father, your son is to be blamed for this. It was for the sake of the Xuanqing Sect and me that little brother was killed by an evildoer.”

The middle-aged man suppressed his internal suffocation and asked while clenching his teeth. “Tell me what exactly happened a month ago. How did Luochen lose his life on Wormwood mountain?”

“Father, little brother and I brought Xiao Bai towards the mountain, but who would have thought that we would actually encounter Xiao Bai’s master?

Xiao Bai’s master? The middle-aged man frowned. “How is Miss Lin’s master related to Luochen’s death?”

“Father, Xiao Bai’s master isn’t a kind soul. She knew about Xiao Bai’s identity and had accepted her as a disciple…” Su Jun’s eyes flickered and he continued, “Furthermore, relying on Xiao Bai being her disciple, she forced Xiao Bai to marry someone she chose.”

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