Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1489 - Xuanqing Sect’s Doomsday (1)

Chapter 1489: Xuanqing Sect's Doomsday (1)

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"Siii!" Even though Yun Luofeng had high endurance ability, she couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air under the extreme pain. Her teeth tightly clenched together, with determination in her eyes. No matter how painful was the remodeling of her bones, she had to endure the pain! As long as she could become stronger, she would never return even if she was one foot into hell.

Crack crack crack!

At this moment, everyone clearly heard the sounds of bone cracking from her body. However, other than the cold air she sucked in initially, she did not utter a single sound and endured this severe pain.

A trace of shock streaked across Bixiao's green eyes, perhaps not expecting that this human could actually endure this severe pain. Even those experts from the Saintly Virgin tribe couldn't compare to her. It was only at this moment that Bixiao changed her view of Yun Luofeng.

Seconds and minutes elapsed and Xiao Mo anxiously looked at Yun Luofeng, wanting to help her but having no means of doing so. He knew that this hurdle had to be personally overcome by his master. If he forcefully utilized the spirit energy in God Code World to ease her pain, it would produce the opposite desired result.

That year, when Yun Xiao extracted blood from his heart, he had the God Code World's spirit energy to ease the pain. At this moment, the pain Yun Luofeng was experiencing was not the slightest bit less than extracting blood from one's heart…

Remodeling of the bones and skin was equivalent to crushing all her bones and binding them back together again. Can you imagine what kind of pain she was enduring? Even some renowned experts would lose consciousness and pass away under such extreme pain. Yun Luofeng only clenched her teeth and endured the pain. The young lady's back was drenched in sweat, while her gorgeous face was deathly pale. Her body faintly trembled but she didn't produce a single sound.

"Master, if it's painful, it'll be better if you scream out." Xiao Mo particularly felt heartache when seeing Yun Luofeng forcefully enduring the pain. This woman had always been so unyielding. It was the same in the past in Hua Xia and now, she was still so firm and indomitable.

Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes, if she couldn't endure this pain, then how could she even talk about stepping on the summit of the continent? How could she fight alongside with Yun Xiao?

Bixiao could no longer continue looking and spoke after hesitating, "You've broken through with the help of spirit dragon blood and even if you give up now, you won't lose anything. I have a method that can instantly alleviate your pain. That year, the tribesmen were also unable to endure this pain and utilized this method immediately after breaking through. However, the consequence is that the remodeling of physique would fail."

"I'm fine." She clenched her teeth, using all her energy to speak these words. After that, she no longer had spare energy to speak.

She wanted to become strong!

The only way of getting stronger was having fortuitous encounters!

With such an opportunity presented, she would never give up!

Looking at her determined appearance, Bixiao had a puzzled look in her eyes. She did not understand, why was Yun Luofeng unwilling to give up? Wasn't it enough to break through with the help of spirit dragon blood?

Seemingly noticing her puzzled look, Xiao Mo shot her a glance. "If Master wanted to break through, she didn't have to use spirit dragon blood. After waiting for the spirit snake grass to evolve, she could also advance to sage-god level. Therefore, the most important benefit provided by the spirit dragon blood is remodeling her physique, allowing her body to become stronger.


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