Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1488 - Bountiful Harvest (13)

Chapter 1488: Bountiful Harvest (13)

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“Dragon blood? What are its uses?”

“Normal dragon blood only has the effect of strengthening one’s physique. However, this is not ordinary dragon blood. It belongs to a spirit dragon from the legends.”

Spirit dragon?

Seeing their confused expression, Little Tree continued explaining. “A spirit dragon doesn’t hatch from a dragon egg but is naturally formed from spirit energy. Consuming its meat can allow an ordinary man to advance to sky-level cultivation in an instant. Its blood is even more precious, allowing sage-god level cultivators to break through. In addition, there will be effects of strengthening one’s physique.”

“Little Tree, how do you know about this?” Yun Luofeng glanced at Little Tree and asked.

Little Tree revealed a brilliant smile, “My inheritance memory told me. However, the density of dragon blood in this bottle is too thick. If directly consumed, you’ll immediately explode and die. Therefore, you have to dilute it before absorbing.”

Xiao Mo’s eyes instantly brightened. Earlier he had only slightly poked Bixiao and this woman and she took out a treasure. Having been alive for countless years, how could she not have any treasures with her? Perhaps if he poked her more, she would take out even more?

Even though the jade snake grass could allow a sage-god level cultivator to breakthrough, it had yet to evolve into spirit snake grass!

Furthermore, jade snake grass only had effects of causing a breakthrough without strengthening one’s physique and was different from the spirit dragon’s blood. Not only could it help in breaking through, it could also strengthen one’s physique by several notches to become as tough as iron.

“Bixiao,” Xiao Mo looked at Bixiao with a big smile, while his eyes flickered with an evil glint. “There’s no lack of benefits for you if my master were to break through. If you have any more treasures on you, take them out and give them to Master.”

Bixiao cautiously looked at Xiao Mo. Why did she feel that this young man’s smile… was very crafty?

“There’s nothing else,” Bixiao shook her head. “I’ve only stolen this one item and there’s really nothing else.”

Xiao Mo was somewhat dejected.

Seems like Bixiao was indeed very poor. All these years, she had only stolen one item from the Saintly Virgin Tribe. It’s a pity…

“I’ll absorb this spirit dragon blood right now. All of you, take a step back.” Yun Luofeng flipped her hand, taking out a bottle and poured the dragon blood inside before using spring water to dilute.

After two liquids had mixed together, the green-colored dragon blood became faint, no longer a pure bright green.

After that, Yun Luofeng poured the blood into her mouth, using a trace of spirit energy to wrap and deliver it to her dantian.

Soon after that, she sat cross-legged and began to absorb the energy within the dragon blood.

As the dragon blood was too overbearing, she didn’t dare to immediately absorb the energy contained in the blood. Therefore, she had to absorb it drop by drop, allowing her body to withstand this tyrannical energy.

She sat there for half a month, slowly absorbing the energy until a powerful storm caused by her advancement spread out in the room, and with a bang, she entered a whole new level. However, it wasn’t over…

After breaking through, Yun Luofeng felt a powerful energy swimming in her meridians, causing her to twitch all over.

“Mother, this is the spirit dragon blood helping you to remodel your physique.” Little Tree’s stared at Yun Luofeng. “Therefore, you have to hang on!”

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