Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1485 - Bountiful Harvest (10)

Chapter 1485: Bountiful Harvest (10)

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The green-robed lady bit her lips tightly, unable to speak her last few words.

How was it possible?!

Why would someone of that existence appear here and willingly acknowledge a human as master? However, other than him, who could have such abilities?

“Kneel down!” The little boy had his hands behind his back as he coldly shouted.

He seemed to be a monarch seated up high, looking disdainfully at the green-robed lady from the corner of his eyes.


Unable to control herself, she knelt before Yun Luofeng with a plop. Cold sweat surfaced all over her forehead while her delicate body suddenly trembled.

“Mother.” After Little Tree glanced at the green-robed lady, he turned towards Yun Luofeng and his monarch aura suddenly disappeared, recovering to his previous naive and innocent look.

“This bad woman dared to bully you. Should I beat her up to vent your anger for you?”

Originally, Little Tree intended to rush out to teach this woman a lesson upon witnessing Yun Luofeng getting bullied. However, since she was afraid that the spirit beasts would be in danger due to their impulse, she had severed the connection with the God Code World and he was unable to come out.

Although Little Tree was very powerful, the God Code World did not listen to his commands. If the connection was severed, he couldn’t come out. Fortunately, Xiao Mo tried everything as a last resort, taking advantage of when Yun Luofeng relaxed her vigilance and had secretly used his own power to recover the connection with the God Code World.

As such, Little Tree was able to come out and teach this green-robed lady a lesson.

Thinking of this, Little Tree angrily pouted. “Mother, sister Huohuo told me to tell you this. Although she knows you’re worried about them, your action of acting on your own initiative made them very angry! She said that the moment she decided to follow you, she already intended to face life and death beside you. Yet, you’re facing all the dangers alone every single time, so what use do they have? Furthermore, aren’t spirit beasts supposed to block all the dangers for you?”

Yun Luofeng’s expression darkened and she sternly said, “Little Tree, I admit that I’m self-assertive and didn’t consider your feelings. However, all of you are extremely important to me and if your deaths are needed in exchange for my life, I’d rather die!”

“That’s right, I’m selfish to the extent that I don’t wish for anyone of you to disappear. Furthermore, spirit beasts aren’t tools for battling but my family that’ll accompany me throughout my life!”

Seeing Little Tree’s downcast appearance, Yun Luofeng stroked his head. “Previously I severed the connection because I wasn’t aware of your ability. Therefore, I’ll promise all of you that I will not casually server our connection in the future, but I don’t require you to die for me.”

The warmth from her palm caused Little Tree’s mood to change and he pounced into her embrace, with an adorable innocent look surfacing on his face like carved jade.

Without witnessing his previous actions, perhaps everyone would treat him as a human child.

“Mother, it was you who gave me life. In my life, I will never leave you.”

Yun Luofeng smiled. Suddenly, she recalled something and her expression froze. “Little Tree, you’ve been following me for nearly four years but I’ve never known about your identity. Can you tell me what you are exactly?

Little Tree had an expression of being wronged. “I’m not sure. I’m still young and I’ve only inherited a small portion of the memories. After a few years later, perhaps I will recall everything of the past.”

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