Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1484 - Bountiful Harvest (9)

Chapter 1484: Bountiful Harvest (9)

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Not expecting Yun Luofeng could stand up after receiving her attack, a trace of shock surfaced in her eyes. “You’re different from the humans I’ve seen before. Unfortunately, humans are still humans.”

Humans were excessively avaricious, selfish, vicious and merciless, incomparably sinister!

“Forget it.”

Meeting her pair of wicked eyes, she waved her hands while her tone softened. “I don’t need you to stay and accompany my successor. Right now, you can leave but I hope you will draw the line with her and never to meet her again in the future.”

Yun Luofeng stood upright before the green-robed lady, while determination could be seen across her gorgeous appearance.

“I brought Xiao Bai here and so I have to bring her away!”

“Hmph!” The green-robed lady snorted. “I’ve given you a living path but you don’t know what’s good for you. Right now, I’ll let you have a taste of the consequences for offending me!”


The lady slightly raised her hand and countless tree branches came from all directions, attacking towards Yun Luofeng. These tree branches were similar to a moving dragon, flexible with vitality. The dark green branches seemed to be infused with life and hastily attacked her.

“Master, be careful!” Xiao Mo carefully placed Xiao Bai on the ground and rushed towards Yun Luofeng without care. Fury surged forth from his eyes while flames of wrath ignited from his body.

However… just as he was about to reach Yun Luofeng, the tree branches that were infused with life wilted in an instant and weakly drooped.

The green-robed lady turned pale from fright and retreated, while her dark green eyes stared intently at Yun Luofeng.

A white light flashed past and in an instant, a little boy in white clothing stood before Yun Luofeng.

This little boy’s appearance seemed to be carved from jade and his round eyes were filled with menace, different from his previous innocent and naive look. At this moment, he was like a blood-soaked little demon, while the aura on his body caused one to feel fear.

“A little tree like you dares to bully my mother?” The little boy’s enunciation was clear yet filled with killing aura.

Although this little one hung around Yun Luofeng with an innocent and naive looking appearance, don’t forget about his identity. He wasn’t a human or a spirit beast! He was a tree that transformed into a human, and this tree had actually existed thousands of years ago. However, he had received grave injuries and so had regressed back into a tree.

How could this tree that was filled with killing aura be innocent and adorable as a human child?” He was the most dangerous existence alongside of Yun Luofeng!

While being flustered, the green-robed lady once again directed the tree branches to attack Yun Luofeng and others. The next second, she was dumbstruck. The tree branches that were supposedly directed towards Yun Luofeng had actually reversed and attacked her.

Under the abrupt situation, the lady’s clothes had been torn by the tree branches while the sharp ends sliced her tender skin and fresh blood oozed out.

Fortunately, the recovering ability of the life tree was very strong so her wounds were enveloped by a layer of faint green light and were currently recovering. However, at this moment, she could not attend to her pain as her eyes filled with shock stared unwaveringly at Little Tree, and her whole face revealed disbelief.

“How… how? We are different types of tree species, how could you possibly control my branches? Unless, unless you are…”

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