Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1483 - Bountiful Harvest (8)

Chapter 1483: Bountiful Harvest (8)

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“Many came here to explore during this period but they weren’t the one I’m waiting for. Therefore, I killed them all and made their corpses disappear.”

Yun Luofeng finally understood why she had seen so many corpses on the way but after arriving at the mountain summit, there was not a single corpse. So as it turns out, it was this tree spirit’s work.

“The guardian beast of this soul fruit was also killed by you?”

“That’s right,” The woman smirked. “Anyone who sees the life tree should die. Of course, except for her.” The woman raised her chin, while her voice contained arrogance. “I spared your life only because you have a close relationship with her.”

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, and a cold glint streaked across her eyes. “You mean, without Xiao Bai’s existence, you would kill me too?”

“That’s right, only the Saintly Virgin Tribe can possess the life tree,” The green-robed lady’s expression looked down at her. “However, the successor of the Saintly Virgin Tribe has yet to awaken, and I want her to stay in the tree. As her friend, it’s inevitable and right that you have to stay and accompany her.”

Yun Luofeng’s chilly eyes glanced at the green-robed lady and she coldly said, “What if I refuse?”

“Egotistical human!” The green-robed lady snorted, and instantly, a huge wind appeared with a raise of her hand, attacking Yun Luofeng.


Although Yun Luofeng blocked the attack, she had been struck by the force and her body recoiled at high speed until she hit the wall.

“Master!” Xiao Mo’s expression changed and furiously glared at the green-robed lady. “You’re just a tree that formed a spirit yet you dare to injure my Master! Don’t think that I won’t pluck all your leaves!”

The green-robed lady smirked with contempt. “With your strength? If I’m not wrong, you should be in love with my tribe’s successor. Unfortunately, our tribe has never allowed any dealings with men from the outside world. Don’t even think about having her in your life!”

Yun Luofeng stopped Xiao Mo who was overflowing with rage and her wicked and sinister eyes slowly turned towards the green-robed lady.

“Neither will I stay here nor give Xiao Bai to you.”

From the start, Yun Luofeng was indeed tempted by the life tree. However, after knowing that a tree spirit existed within, she temporarily abandoned this thought. The top priority matter now was to bring Xiao Bai and Xiao Mo out of here!

“After coming, you’re thinking about leaving?” The green-robed lady laughed mockingly. “It’s because of my tribe’s successor that I didn’t kill you! Don’t win an inch and want a foot!”

Yun Luofeng coldly smiled. “If you don’t let us go, even if I have to slaughter my way out, I will definitely leave!”

No one could stop her path!

“Keke!” The green-robed lady sneered, “Then let me see your strength?”


In a flash, she rapidly rushed to Yun Luofeng. Her foot was similar to a gust of wind, kicking Yun Luofeng’s stomach at high speed.

Even though Yun Luofeng nimbly used her arm to block her attack, she had still been sent flying by this kick and her body heavily rammed against the ice-cold wall.

This woman was very strong… She should be more powerful than Huohuo! However, she hadn’t advanced above sage-lord level yet and was still within that range.

“Master!” Xiao Mo was extremely anxious, and even his voice contained panic.

“Don’t come here!” Yun Luofeng slowly stood up from the ground and looked straight at the green-robed lady.

“Is your strength only at this level?”

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