Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1482 - Bountiful Harvest (7)

Chapter 1482: Bountiful Harvest (7)

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That’s right. If Yun Luofeng hadn’t harvested jade snake grass and coincidentally allowed them to chance upon her actions, which resulted in them determining that her strength was weak, he would not make use of others to encircle and annihilate Yun Luofeng.

Therefore, everything was Yun Luofeng’s fault!

“On purpose?” Yun Luofeng smirked and her tone was eerie. “Are you deserving?”

Su Jun’s expression was deathly pale. He retreated and looked at Yun Luofeng in fear. The reason was that he realized that Yun Luofeng’s figure was gradually disappearing…

That’s right! Her figure was gradually fading away, disappearing from head to toe as if she was blending into the surroundings.

“Master!” Xiao Mo’s saw the strange phenomenon happening to Yun Luofeng. He dashed toward her without hesitation while holding Lin Ruobai, and hastily grabbed her hand. After touching Yun Luofeng, Xiao Mo’s body also started to fade away, slowly disappearing…

“Miss Yun!” Yan Ke and the others also wanted to dash over, but by the time they arrived before Yun Luofeng, she had already disappeared.

Without Yun Luofeng’s commands, Yun Yi began to brandish his fists in confusion. He was just like a brainless machine, and his killing became irregular.

“Let’s go!” Su Jun did not dare to oppose Yun Yi, and taking advantage when he was attacking others, he led the Xuanqing Sect and hastily evacuated. This was the aftermath of Yun Yi without wisdom.

A puppet without wisdom would only battle in accordance with their master’s commands and would not have independent thoughts. Thus, he didn’t know that he had to stop the Xuanqing Sect from escaping at this moment.

Of course, there was another characteristic with this type of puppet. It was similar to the little loli Yun Luofeng gave to Old Han. When their master encountered danger or was injured, it would attack on its own accord. However, they would not have independent thought. Although they had a powerful body, they wouldn’t know how to utilize it.

“What now?” Yan Ke foolishly looked at the spot where Yun Luofeng and Xiao Mo disappeared, with confusion contained in her gaze, evidently not knowing what to do.

“They only disappeared and didn’t die,” Fu Jun clenched his teeth, “We can wait for them here. They will return.”

Yan Ke sighed. “Right now, this is the only viable action. Unfortunately, those from the Xuanqing Sect escaped. If they manage to locate Miss Yun’s Family, perhaps they might cause trouble for them. Speaking of that, this incident was caused by us.”

Hearing her words, all four of them carried remorse on their face. If it weren’t for them, Yun Luofeng wouldn’t have been in a dispute with the Xuanqing Sect.


Just as Yan Ke and company was feeling confused by Yun Luofeng’s disappearance, Yun Luofeng had appeared within a room.

The interior of the room was ancient, with a few books placed on the table. There were even a few trees acting as pillars within the room, evidently for someone to take a rest.

“I’ve finally waited for your arrival, the successor of the Saintly Virgin Tribe.” A voice from far away, seemingly passing through a millennium of time and space entered Yun Luofeng’s ears.

Turning around, Yun Luofeng saw a woman in green-robes with two emerald green tree leaves on her head walking over slowly. Her appearance was lucid and elegant, beautiful as if a tree immortal was walking out from a painting, and was unforgettable.

“This is within the life tree?” Yun Luofeng lifted her brow, looking at the woman before here. “Why have you brought us into the life tree’s body?”

The woman gently smiled, slowly walking to Lin Ruobai who was unconscious.

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