Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1481 - Bountiful Harvest (6)

Chapter 1481: Bountiful Harvest (6)

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Therefore, she obediently consumed the soul fruit.


After consuming the soul fruit, Lin Ruobai suddenly spat out blood, and her body swayed before falling into Xiao Mo’s embrace.

Su Jun saw Lin Ruobai in Xiao Mo’s embrace and fumed, but seemingly recalling something, he sneered, “According to what I know, people who consume the soul fruit will enter a sleeping state for many days. Exactly how many days she’ll be asleep depends on her physique, and she’ll most likely regain consciousness after half a year.”

Su Jun’s eyes twinkled, and he sneered, “Do you know how huge a mistake you’ve committed?”

“I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow, looking at Su Jun and spoke with a cold tone. “I only know that you’ve committed an unforgivable mistake! Yun Yi, kill everyone who came today without exception!”

Yan Ke and her company were surprised, perhaps not expecting that Yun Luofeng intended to slaughter everyone. However, after thinking it through, they understood. She had a personality of returning what was directed to her, so what was wrong if she killed those who wanted to kill her?

A weak person was often bullied and only by being evil would others fear you!

In a flash, Yun Yi dashed forth and killed. His silhouette was similar to a killing god, easily turning them a corpse by raising his hands.

Su Jun cast a meaningful glance at Su Luochen, and after understanding his intentions, he attacked Yun Luofeng behind Yun Yi’s back.

“Damned woman, I will cripple you today and let’s see if you dare to be so overbearing!”

Seeing Su Luochen dashing towards Yun Luofeng, Yan Ke and the rest hastily shouted, “Miss Yun, careful!”

Although Yun Yi was strong, they were unaware of Yun Luofeng’s strength. Therefore, after witnessing Su Luochen’s action, they hastily shouted in warning.

Standing in the breeze, the young lady did not move in the slightest, with her white robes fluttering along with the wind, radiating wickedness. The moment Su Luochen arrived before her, she quirked her brow and her eyes filled with indifference looked at the vicious man.

Her hand lightly raised…


…and a slap landed on Su Luochen’s face. This slap was very soft, and seemingly no energy was used behind it.

Various factions who witnessed this scene shook their heads and sneered. Only Yan Ke and the rest had bitter smiles on their face. They were a distance away from Yun Luofeng and were unable to help her. Only now did they have the time to stop Su Luochen. However, what followed caused everyone to be dumbstruck.

Su Luochen’s head was like a spinning top, turning without stopping with Yun Luofeng’s soft and gentle slap.

He wanted to scream for help but wasn’t able to produce any sound. This lasted until a cracking sound was heard as his head broke off, tumbling on the ground with fresh blood spraying everywhere, freeing him from the dizziness.

On the mountain summit, it was deadly silent, to the extent the sound of the wind blowing could be clearly heard.

Su Jun was long shocked into silence and what followed was fear and happiness that stemmed from his heart. He feared Yun Luofeng’s strength and felt happy that he did not attack her earlier on…

Otherwise, under this slap, it would be hard for him to survive. The irony was that he actually believed that Yun Luofeng was a sky-level cultivator!

Suddenly, Su Jun seemed to recall something and ground his teeth. “You did this deliberately! You must have deliberately harvested the jade snake grass, making us lower our guard and fall into your trap! How can a woman be so evil? If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be so many deaths!”

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