Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1480 - Bountiful Harvest (5)

Chapter 1480: Bountiful Harvest (5)

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The only drawback was… the life fruit would only emerge every ten years. That was to say, only ten fruits would be produced within a hundred years, and could only extend ten people’s lifespan!

“Miss Yun,” Yan Ke went up to Yun Luofeng. “A few days back I heard that indications of godly treasure appeared on Wormwood Mountain in the form of a dark green ray of light enveloping the entire sky. As such, countless experts flocked here is to obtain this godly treasure. If my guess isn’t wrong, this tree is the widely rumored trace of a god.”

Yun Luofeng didn’t speak, but she was staring at the life tree all along.

She was tempted!

A human’s lifespan was different from spirit beasts, and there was a limit. If one did not make a breakthrough in a certain time frame, they would exhaust their lifespan.

For example, General Yun was only at earth-level cultivation at his age, and there was still a huge distance to advance to sky-level cultivation. According to a human’s typical lifespan, he could at the most live till eighty, and he was already seventy years old. Without any fortuitous encounters, he would only have another ten years of life. However, it was different with this life tree.

This tree could allow one’s lifespan to increase for a hundred years and after that, he would have an endless lifespan if General Yun were to keep consuming the fruit.

“Where’s the god traces? Wasn’t it said that there were traces of gods here? Why is there only a fruit and a withered tree?”

People from other factions had already arrived, but only saw a soul fruit and a wilted ancient tree at present.

Even though the soul fruit was precious, there was a huge difference compared to their expectations. Therefore, how could they not be bitterly disappointed?

“Impossible, I saw a green light soaring past the horizon but why is there nothing?” A young man had a disappointed and bitter expression. “I lost numerous subordinates on this trip to Wormwood Mountain. Don’t tell me I’ll be returning empty-handed?”

What use does a wilted tree have? Even if it were given to them, they would disdain it.

“It must be you!” Su Jun’s eyes suddenly reddened. “You arrived here before us, and you must’ve hidden the treasures! Immediately hand them over, and I will spare your lives!”

After Su Jun spoke, everyone also looked at Yun Luofeng. In this instant, Yun Yi’s strength was of no importance in their eyes! They were just a bunch of greedy humans, wanting to obtain the treasures!

“Hand over the treasures!”

“That’s right, all of us came together to Wormwood Mountain. What right do you have to take everything? Forget about the medicinal herbs, but you have to hand over the god’s treasures. Otherwise, we won’t let you off!”

“How can you alone oppose us? If you don’t hand over the god’s treasures, even your family will not be spared!”

Currently, after sensing no threat from the life tree, she walked to the soul fruit and easily harvested it.

Under normal situations, there would definitely be a powerful guardian beast near a soul fruit. However, for some unknown reason, the guardian beast that was normally born together with the fruit did not appear.

Turning a deaf ear to their accusations, Yun Luofeng walked to Lin Ruobai after harvesting the soul fruit and passed it to her.

“This is the last soul fruit. You’ll completely recover after consuming it. Leave what happens after that to me and sleep in peace.

Lin Ruobai understood that Yun Luofeng did not wish for her to witness this bloody scene.

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