Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1479 - Bountiful Harvest (4)

Chapter 1479: Bountiful Harvest (4)

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In the original continent that Yun Luofeng lived in, sky-level cultivators were powerful existences. The reason was that the most powerful cultivators in Longxiao Continent were merely at god-level.


This was the Seven Province Continent, with geniuses and countless experts gathered together. Sky-level cultivators were bottom-ranked existences! Even the servant maid and manservant of some large factions were of sky-level cultivation!

“Jade snake grass is only effective for sky-level cultivators and below. Even if it is very old, it’s still ineffective for us.”

Su Jun gently knitted his brows. “Therefore, have the elders draw that bodyguard away in a moment, and it’ll be easy for us to kill Yun Luofeng.”

As for why he didn’t personally do so…

With the bodyguard’s strength, wasn’t it seeking for death if he personally acted? This type of dangerous task would naturally be for others to complete and he only had to deal with Yun Luofeng.

“Big Brother,” Su Luochen was somewhat excited, “don’t kill her immediately. Give her to me, and I’ll make her go through a living hell!”

Su Jun snorted and revealed a grave expression. “Letting her have a living hell is letting her off easy. How dare a sky-level trash dare to hoot in my presence? At the very least, I’ve attained a sage king-level cultivation and how can trash compare to me?”

“Big Brother,” Su Luochen recalled something and continued, “the bodyguard alongside her is very powerful. Could she originate from some large faction?”

“Impossible! The largest faction in Spirit Province is the Jun Family. I’ve met Miss Ling’er from the Jun Family previously, and it’s clear that this isn’t her.” Su Jun shook his head. “Furthermore, I will eliminate everyone, and at that time, even if she has a formidable background, they won’t be able to uncover who did it.”

Of course, he dared to say this when the other factions were rushing on their journey. Otherwise, if they were aware of this, there would probably be an internal conflict before dealing with Yun Luofeng.

“What about Miss Lin?” Su Luochen hesitated and asked.

Su Jun’s appearance was of confidence. “Xiao Bai loves me, and I believe that she would never betray me. Right now, she’s angry, but there will come a day when she realizes that the person she loves is me.” Besides, he thought that only he was worthy of Xiao Bai.

Wherever Yun Luofeng walked past, not even an ordinary medicinal herb remained. For her, any stalk of herb could become the hamster clan’s rations, and she was someone who never wasted food.

Therefore, people behind her didn’t even manage to pick up a single medicinal herb. Thus all of them openly voiced their discontent.

“That is… soul fruit?”

Yun Luofeng stared blankly and suddenly stopped. Her gaze stared at the flickering scarlet petals at the mountain summit.

A fruit was enveloped in those scarlet petals, and the aura of the fruit caused people’s soul to tremble.

“Hold on…”

Just as Yun Luofeng wanted to step forward, she seemed to have sensed something else and retreated a few steps. She looked away from the soul fruit and turned to the ancient jade-green tree beside it.

Xiao Mo furrowed his brows and spoke to Yun Luofeng via spirit voice transmittance, “This is the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s life tree! However, why would this tree appear here?”

Rumor has it, the life tree could bear life fruit, and upon consuming this fruit, it would extend your life for a hundred years.

What’s more exaggerated was that this life fruit was different from the juice of the spirit snake grass. There was no repercussion from continuously consuming one every hundred years.

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