Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1478 - Bountiful Harvest (3)

Chapter 1478: Bountiful Harvest (3)

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The effect of spirit snake grass was to increase the speed of cultivation.

For example, if three months were usually required to advance from sage-king low-rank to intermediate-rank, she would only need half a month with it! Not only that, if the juice of the spirit snake grass was extracted, it could help with a cultivator’s bottleneck, allowing someone who was stuck to break through immediately!

Of course, this spirit snake grass could only be consumed once every two months, and the effect of each stalk only lasted for half a month! If consumed after half a month, it would produce an effect opposite to the desired results.

As for extracting of the juice, it required countless spirit snake grasses. You could only consume one bottle in your life, and consuming more than that would result in having difficulty advancing in the future.

“This is a good item.” Evidently, Xiao Mo also discovered the jade snake grass.

“Miss Yun.” As the sole physician out of the small group, Qi Shao naturally had a broad knowledge of medicinal ingredients. Seeing Yun Luofeng walking to the jade snake grass, he was surprised.

“This is jade snake grass, and although it can slightly increase spirit energy, the energy provided is minimal. There isn’t much use for people of our level.”

From the start, perhaps they thought that Yun Luofeng was weak, but after Yun Yi’s strength was revealed, no one dared to look down on Yun Luofeng. To be able to bring a powerful bodyguard, how could her strength be lacking?

“Perhaps this jade snake grass is useless for you, but it’s very useful to me.”

Maybe because she discovered the jade snake grass and was in a good mood, she happily answered Qi Shao’s question. His eyes were brimming with questions, seemingly not understanding how was the jade snake grass was useful to her.

As Yun Luofeng had been harvesting medicinal herbs along the way, the other factions had also caught up. Their expressions were unsightly. After traveling a distance, not to mention treasures, they didn’t even discover any medicinal herbs! There was no need to think, and they knew that Yun Luofeng had harvested everything!

However, everyone dreaded Yun Yi and that sky falcon’s strength, so no one dared to cause trouble for Yun Luofeng. After they had continued traveling, those behind her had voiced out curses in succession.

“This woman is too evil. She didn’t even leave us a single stalk on the way!”

“If all the experts of our sect came, I’d like to see if she dares to continue being arrogant!” Hearing their cursing, Su Jun had instead turned taciturn. Abruptly, he smirked and said, “Second Brother, have you noticed all the medicinal herbs she harvested?”

“You mean jade snake grass?” Su Luochen’s eyes flickered and asked.

“That’s right,” Su Jun nodded. “Although we aren’t physicians, we’ve seen several medical texts. This jade snake grass is ineffective for our level, but this woman claimed that it was beneficial for her!”

A mocking smile quirked on Su Jun’s face. “As such, I can conclude that this woman is very weak, and should be below sky-level cultivation!”

“Pu!” Unable to stop himself, Su Luochen spurted a mouthful of water. “Big Brother, are you joking with me? This woman’s strength is beneath sky-level cultivation, not even reaching god or sage-level?”

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