Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1477 - Bountiful Harvest (2)

Chapter 1477: Bountiful Harvest (2)

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After this, she walked towards the king sky falcon egg. Witnessing her arrival, those sky falcons unconsciously revealed a path.

Yun Luofeng obtained the egg with no difficulty and casually threw it to Lin Ruobai. At that moment, not to mention humans, even the hearts of the sky falcons tightened as they nervously stared at the egg thrown in the air, afraid that it would be dropped…

Ultimately, it was a false alarm as Xiao Mo handily caught the egg and then placed it in Xiao Bai’s hands.

“Master, this king sky falcon egg is for me?” Lin Ruobai was filled with joy as she impatiently stared at Yun Luofeng.

“That’s right, a present for you.”

Yun Luofeng quirked her lips. “Furthermore, this present was extremely easy to obtain and there was no difference compared to picking it up off the ground.” Every one of the Xuanqing Sect nearly vomited blood, and their faces were ashen.

They had exhausted all their might with countless deaths and didn’t manage to obtain the egg. Yet in her eyes, it became extremely easy? This woman was definitely doing it on purpose to anger them!

One of the sky falcons landed before Yun Luofeng and gradually transformed, morphing into a handsome man. This sky falcon was the one that had battled against the Xuanqing Sect.

Yun Luofeng sensed that sky falcon’s will and inquired, “You want to follow us?”

The handsome man nodded. “I am the king sky falcon’s bodyguard and now that my king has passed away, my duty is to protect His Highness! Wherever His Highness is, I will certainly follow.”

His gaze stared at the king sky falcon egg within Xiao Bai’s embrace, while his original callous killing expression became very gentle.

“The sky falcon egg isn’t mine.” Yun Luofeng pointed towards Lin Ruobai. “If you wish to follow, she’ll be your new master.”

Hearing her words, the man knelt on the ground with one knee and said in a determined tone, “My name is Yin Zuo! And protecting His Highness’ Master will be my mission.”

Su Jun eyes were bloodshot from jealousy.

A sage-god advanced-level spirit beast and a mysterious king sky falcon egg. If these two items belonged to him, the Xuanqing Sect’s influence would definitely increase a notch! However, this was all because of Yun Luofeng!

Su Jun tightly clenched his fist and was filled with flames of fury while staring at Yun Luofeng’s back. If it weren’t because he couldn’t defeat Yun Yi, he would definitely rush over and dismember this evil woman into pieces!

“Let’s go.” All along, Yun Luofeng had ignored Su Jun’s existence as she spoke to Xiao Mo and others.

Fu Jin stared blankly for a moment and hesitated. “Should we follow her?”

Yan Ke pondered for a moment and concluded, “If we stay here, the Xuanqing Sect will never let us go. The best choice now is to follow Miss Yun.” After that, she hastily caught up to Yun Luofeng.

Seeing Yun Luofeng didn’t reject them from accompanying her, they also caught up and followed her closely.

The Wormwood Mountain produced medicinal herbs in abundance. Along the way, Yun Luofeng had discovered countless precious medicinal ingredients but unfortunately, she had yet to uncover a millennium-old medicinal herb.

“En?” Suddenly, Yun Luofeng’s line of sight stared at a stalk of dark green medicinal herb. This herb was similar to a water snake, radiating light as if a living spirit.

“It’s jade snake grass!” She vaguely remembered in the records within the God Code World that this grass could evolve into spirit snake grass if placed within the space.

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