Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1476 - Bountiful Harvest (1)

Chapter 1476: Bountiful Harvest (1)

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Yan Ke angrily glared at Su Jun. “Why? This sky falcon was subdued by Miss Yun, what rights do you have to prevent her from obtaining other treasures?”

“Based on the fact that… she can’t afford to offend the various factions at present.” Su Jun sneered and his grave and stern appearance radiated an eerie aura, glancing past Yun Luofeng and company.

At present, other than the Xuanqing Sect, there were also experts of various factions. Although they weren’t the most powerful in their factions, the majority had the strength of a sage-god level. Furthermore, so what if they weren’t able to defeat Yun Luofeng’s bodyguard after combining forces? Could it be that… she really dared to offend all the factions in Spirit Province?

“Xiao Bai.” After threatening Yun Luofeng, Su Jun turned towards Lin Ruobai, revealing a gentle smile. “Rest assured, I will give you the portion that belongs to you. It’s better if you come with my team.”

“No!” Lin Ruobai pouted, “I only want to follow Master.”

“Xiao Bai, I know you’re angry with me because I treated you vaguely. I know that you love me and your close relationship with this young man is to provoke me. Now that you’ve succeeded, can you return?” Su Jun’s tone was humbled to his greatest extent, so much so that it even contained traces of pleading.

As the eldest young master of Xuanqing Sect, when had he lowered his attitude as such? However, everything was worth it for Lin Ruobai.

Lin Ruobai was dumbstruck. Having a close relationship with Xiao Mo was to anger Su Jun? She didn’t even consider this before.

“Xiao Bai, how did you live with his blockhead for a year?” A cold glint streaked across Xiao Mo’s eyes. He tightly grabbed Lin Ruobai’s hands, as if displaying his ownership, while holding his head high and looked at Su Jun.

Su Jun did not bother about Xiao Mo. In his heart, Xiao Mo was only a pitiful guy Lin Ruobai took advantage of and she would ultimately return to his side.

“But…” Xiao Bai pouted, feeling wronged, “I didn’t know he was such a blockhead in the past.”

Su Jun immediately flared up after hearing Xiao Bai’s words as his cold eyes stared at Xiao Mo. “Stop teaching Xiao Bai bad things, she’s an innocent and kind girl. Following beside someone like you, she’ll be led astray sooner or later.

“Yun Yi!” Suddenly, the young lady’s wicked voice abruptly sounded. In that instant, a tall and sturdy figure stood before her. This robust and powerful physique was hugely oppressive to others.

Su Jun’s expression completely changed and he had the feeling of being unable to breathe as if this robust man could easily end his life!

“Xiao Mo was betrothed to Xiao Bai many years ago.” Yun Luofeng’s penetrating gaze shot towards Su Jun. “Therefore, if you dare to have designs on Xiao Bai, Yun Yi will immediately break your neck!”

Su Jun was shocked into silence. At this moment, the elders of Xuanqing Sect did not dare to stick out. After all, the oppressive feeling Yun Yi brought them was too powerful. More importantly, there was a group of sky falcons glaring at them like tigers watching their prey.

“Those who are capable can get the treasures on this Wormwood Mountain and if you lack the ability, you can’t blame anyone!” Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. “Xiao Bai, Xiao Mo, since they wish to snatch the treasures, we shall travel on our own later on.”

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