Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1473 - Xiao Bai Became Two-Faced (1)

Chapter 1473: Xiao Bai Became Two-Faced (1)

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Su Jun felt bitter inside. If he knew that this sky falcon would break through, he wouldn’t have attempted to boast about his abilities. Right now after this warning, no one dared to deal with the sky falcon. As such, Su Jun intended to abandon this sky falcon’s egg. However…

Just as he looked towards Lin Ruobai, he noticed that she was impatiently looking at him. The glint within her eyes caused Su Jun’s heart to turn resolute, and he gnashed his teeth. “I will never give up on this sky falcon’s egg! Continue attacking, I don’t believe we can’t deal with a single sky falcon with our numbers!”

The Xuanqing Sect’s members revealed a bitter smile. They did not dare to disobey Su Jun’s commands and could only brace themselves to rush forward.

Just as Su Jun had turned towards the sky falcon, Lin Ruobai looked away with disdain in her lively eyes. “Who asked you constantly trouble me! This time, you’ll have to suffer!”

In any case, there was only her master in Lin Ruobai’s heart. Even if Su Jun had saved her, she would not care about their camaraderie.

Who asked this b*stard to bully Master?! Those who bully my master are no good!

“Crawk crawk!”

The sky falcon’s voice was penetrating as it fanned its wings, rushing towards these humans who dared to provoke it. Revealing savagery in its eyes, its wings similar to a hurricane fiercely slammed towards Su Jun. In that instant, Su Jun was sent flying and incessantly vomited blood while his appearance was deathly pale.

“Eldest young master!” Everyone was in shock but were unable to care for Su Jun and could only cope with the sky falcon’s attack that was as fast as lightning.

“What are you staring for?” An elder finally couldn’t continue and bellowed towards the groups who were spectating. “Why aren’t you helping us deal with the sky falcon?”

Everyone was hesitating, not knowing if they should help out. However, someone ultimately went forward, intending to help the Xuanqing Sect. Just as he took a step, a pair of cold eyes swept over. The young lady’s even-tempered voice sounded.

“Don’t forget their previous words. If you help them, they might think that you delusionally want to snatch the egg. After all, the Xuanqing Sect has always been unreasonable.”

The middle-aged man who originally wanted to help immediately retreated after her words. What she said wasn’t wrong, what if the Xuanqing Sect thought that he wanted to snatch the egg from them? He would be unable to defend himself if that happened. Furthermore, risking his life dealing with the sky falcon yet not obtaining anything made him feel unmotivated.

The elder from Xuanqing Sect nearly went mad from anger from Yun Luofeng’s words, wishing he could split her in half. However, they had difficulty dealing with the sky falcon and he had no spare time to deal with her.

“If we don’t kill this sky falcon, don’t even think about going up the mountain.” The elder gnashed his teeth and furiously glared at Yun Luofeng.

Revealing a wicked and sinister smile, she said, “I can attack it after you’re completely wiped out.”

“You…” The elder trembled from anger. “On what condition will you be willing to help?”

The robust man behind her was powerful and with his help, perhaps they could subdue this sky falcon.

“An item for a life. If you have items of the same value, take them out to exchange and I’ll save you.”

The elders of the Xuanqing Sect were about to vomit blood. They knew that among everyone, only Yun Luofeng could provide help.


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