Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1472 - Jealous Xiao Mo (10)

Chapter 1472: Jealous Xiao Mo (10)

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Lin Ruobai furrowed her brows. In the past, Su Jun only made her feel uncomfortable, but she didn’t realize that he was so irritating!

Lin Ruobai’s silence caused Su Jun to assume she had agreed. His sharp gaze swept past everyone, and he coldly said, “Why are you still here? Get lost!”

After hearing Su Jun’s words, everyone hastily distanced themselves. As this was the only path towards the summit, they did not leave and merely made it known that they would not compete with the Xuanqing Sect.

“You should get lost too.” Su Jun’s line of sight swept to Yan Ke and her company.

Yun Luofeng was Lin Ruobai’s Master so he would not chase her away, but there was no need for others to remain.

Fu Jin snorted and did not move a single step.

Su Jun’s expression suddenly darkened and just as he intended to mobilize his men to chase them away, a cold and sinister voice sounded, causing their footsteps to stop all of a sudden.

“Yun Yi, cripple the legs of those who dare to take a step forward!” Perhaps due to Yun Yi’s previous display of strength, this caused fear to emerge within all of them. They did not dare to move a single inch, afraid that this robust man would break their legs…

“It’s fine if you’re unwilling to leave,” Su Jun no longer tried to force them to leave, and he turned towards Lin Ruobai. “Xiao Bai, wait for me. I’ll bring the spirit beast egg to you very soon.”

This sky falcon was indeed mighty, reaching the realm of sage god-level, intermediate rank, with only a step distance from breaking through to advanced rank. Therefore, Su Jun staked everything to please Xiao Bai.

“Attack and kill the sky falcon. Snatch that spirit beast egg!” Su Jun gnashed his teeth and sternly commanded.

In that instant, everyone from the Xuanqing sect unsheathed their weapons, taking the lead in launching attacks.

Looking at their actions, Yun Luofeng did not stop them. A wicked smile surfaced on her face, with a devilish spark in her eyes. “This sky falcon is only sage-god level, intermediate-rank, but it will break through to advanced rank shortly! Coupled with the behavior of protecting their own, the battle will certainly increase a notch. The actions of the Xuanqing Sect are no different than seeking death.”

In a moment of crisis or when their close ones are in danger, anyone would explode with their most powerful strength. This was the same for spirit beasts. Furthermore, this was a spirit beast on the verge of breaking through and fighting against it was simply seeking death!

“That Su Jun doesn’t seem like a good man yet he dares to have designs on Xiao Bai?” Xiao Mo snorted. “They deserve a lesson so that they don’t dare to pester Xiao Bai in the future!”

Frankly speaking, Xiao Mo did not want their lives. Even if they had designs on Xiao Bai, at least they had saved her before. If it weren’t for this, Xiao Mo probably would have attacked them.

Evidently, the Xuanqing Sect’s strength couldn’t be compared to an average faction. Even while facing the sky falcon that was protective of their own, they still had an advantage, to the extent that there was a faint winning trend against the sky falcon.

Of course, that was the case initially. Under anxiousness and fury, the sky falcon had suddenly broken through! Endless spirit energy hovered around its body, causing a massive wind with its wings. It raised its head and screamed, releasing angry cries and cruelly locked its sight on these people in front of it…

“Sh*t! Why did it breakthrough at this moment?” Su Jun’s expression suddenly changed, turning deathly pale.

An elder retreated and said with an unsightly expression, “Eldest young master, if it were the previous sky falcon, we would still be confident of defeating it. However, now that it has broken through, we are absolutely not it’s opponent.”

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