Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1468 - Jealous Xiao Mo (6)

Chapter 1468: Jealous Xiao Mo (6)

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Among the two brothers of Xuanqing Sect, Su Luochen was arrogant and conceited. He stirred up trouble everywhere he went and was a profligate through and through. Su Jun was comparatively prouder and had a huge ego. Over the last year, Lin Ruobai frequently followed him, causing him to be sure that her heart belonged to him.

Even this time, it was Lin Ruobai who forcefully requested to follow him outside. If she hadn’t fallen for him, why would this girl be glued to him?

The arrogant Su Jun was utterly unaware that Lin Ruobai had a naturally playful disposition. How could she possibly stay in a boring place like the Xuanqing Sect? If there were an opportunity to go out, she would never say no!

“However…” Su Luochen cautiously shot a glance at Su Jun, “from today’s events, it can be seen that Lin Ruobai’s relationship with her Master is very close. Would she be willing to betray her Master for our Xuanqing Sect?”

Su Jun smiled with confidence. “The Master and disciple have not met for a long time, and they’ll definitely be more intimate at this moment. I’ll let them hang out for a few days, and after that, Xiao Bai will return to my side. At that time, as long as I promise to marry her, she’ll definitely burst into tears from happiness.”

Su Luochen hesitated for a while and continued asking. “Big Brother, are you confident that Miss Lin will marry you?”

“Who can she marry if not me? Over this past year, I can sense the camaraderie Xiao Bai has for me. If it weren’t to make her fall for me even more, I wouldn’t be loosening the reins to grasp them better.”

Su Jun’s voice was brimming with confidence. Evidently, he had determined that Lin Ruobai was his woman. Even though Xiao Bai had never confessed, he firmly believed that she was deeply in love with him.

“Big Brother, I only know that father asked you to win over Miss Lin, but I am unaware of her origins.” Su Luofeng frowned and asked the question that had been troubling him this period.

Su Jun glanced at his brother and replied in a tone neither hot or cold. “Lin Ruobai seems to be someone from that place. If I can marry her, then our Xuanqing Sect will develop according to the situation and even surpass the Jun Family.”

A person from that place?

Su Luochen’s eyes widened in shock. It was no wonder his snobbish father would instruct big brother to get into Lin Ruobai’s good graces. So as it turns out, she was someone from that place…

Above the mountain range, Yan Ke and the others used a surprised expression to look at Yun Luofeng, seemingly never expecting that the bodyguard beside her had such powerful strength.

Fu Jin felt somewhat ashamed. He walked up and spoke apologetically. “I’m sorry Miss Yun, I shouldn’t have looked down on you previously. Earlier on, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid it would be hard for us to escape death.”

Yun Luofeng’s pitch-black eyes were crystal clear while her voice was wicked and stern. “Can we borrow your tent?”

Having heard her request, Fu Jin hastily said, “Miss Yun, feel free to use the tent.”

Getting his approval, Yun Luofeng pulled Little Tree in one hand and dragged Lin Ruobai in another and walked towards the tent. Just as Fu Jin and the rest wanted to enter together, the robust puppet stood guard outside the door. His austere expression forced Fu Jin and the rest to retreat.

“Fu Jin,” Yan Ke sighed, “this time, it’s all thanks to Miss Yun that we were able to chase away Su Luochen and the rest.”

“Actually, it shouldn’t be difficult to save her son from the Xuanqing Sect’s hands. There was no need for her to injure them, or oppose the Sect!” Fu Jin was naturally not trying to side with Xuanqing Sect. In his heart, he had long wished to dismember the Sect into thousand pieces.

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