Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1465 - Jealous Xiao Mo (3)

Chapter 1465: Jealous Xiao Mo (3)

Translator: DRZ  Editor: Rock

Recalling the previous matter, Yan Ke gnashed her teeth in hatred, wishing she could dismember this man before her.

“B*tch, you dared to hit me?!” the handsome man shouted in rage. “Men, arrest this b*tch. I’ll bring her back to be punished!”

Having heard his words, two elders behind him went up and attacked Yan Ke.

The expression of Fu Jin and others changed and they hastily wanted to stop them. However, they were still too late and after they reached Yan Ke’s side, the two elders had successfully grabbed Yan Ke.

“Su Luochen, you son of a b*tch! I would rather die than land in your hands!” After saying this, Yan Ke raised her hand and ruthlessly aimed a palm toward her head.

“Junior Sister, no!” Fu Jin’s legs turned wobbly from fright as he anxiously cried out.

Yan Ke’s palm nearly landed on her head but was tightly grabbed by an elder’s hand.

“Young master has ordered that you are to be personally punished by him, and you can’t commit suicide.” The elder’s voice was one of indifference as he expressionlessly looked at Yan Ke.

“Hmph!” Su Luochen coldly snorted and looked down on Fu Jin with his company. “They are all related to Yan Ke, arrest them all without sparing anyone!”

Fu Jing tightly clenched his fist. At that moment he felt so useless. They had already left the sect and didn’t expect that Su Luocheng didn’t intend to let them off…

Just then, a small voice sounded and was heard by everyone, “Uncle, you shouldn’t be so shameless. You’ll incur everyone’s hatred if you’re shameless to this extent.”

A little boy in brocade clothing unknowingly appeared beside Fu Jin and the rest, with a resplendent smile on his little face like carved jade. His eyes were similar to the night stars, staring intently at Su Luochen.

Su Luochen did not place any importance on Little Tree as he snorted and asked, “Is this little kid one of yours?”

“No!” Fu Jin’s expression became increasingly pale. He fiercely glared at Little Tree. “Scram and go back to where you came from, get lost!” After that, he looked up at Su Luochen and said, “I don’t know him.”

From the start, Fu Jin looked down on Yun Luofeng. Even if she had brought a tall and mighty bodyguard, he was unable to sense any spirit fluctuation from their body. Therefore, he had been dissatisfied with Yun Luofeng tagging along.

However… that did not mean he was a bad person! Yun Luofeng and Little Tree were innocent and since they were destined to land in their hands, why should they implicate them?

“Young master,” a subordinate whispered in Su Luochen’s ears, “I asked around earlier. This little kid is together with them. Since Yan Ke this woman is so evil, we cannot let any one of them off.”

Yan Ke stiffened, with regret on her face. If she had known that she would encounter Su Luochen at this place, she would never have agreed to bring along Little Tree!

“Men, arrest every single one!” Su Luochen waved his hand and coldly commanded. In an instant, two elders reached out, wanting to capture Little Tree.

However… that aged hand did not manage to touch Little Tree and had been grabbed tightly by a rough and powerful hand.

Everyone was in shock, seemingly not understanding who had such guts and dared to oppose the Xuanqing Sect.

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